During my Grand Duke Talisman charity drive in last January, a couple from the Philippines sent me this order (all names and city are renamed for privacy reason):

Dear Sir, 

I would like to order two Grand Duke talismans for 2019. One is for myself and the other for a friend. We are currently both not employed but do what we can to rescue cats from the streets. Hopefully 2019 will be kinder to us and our rescue kitties. 

Attached is the receipt of the donation. 

Thank you in advance! 




Below is my reply to this couple:

You volunteer work for stray cat rescue is good enough for the talisman (no donation needed).  So I give you an extra talisman to help you with job-seeking.  You may print it out in any size (business card size or bigger size) and carry with you (similar to the instruction listed for Grand Duke).


The extra talisman that I had sent is the Lotus Guru Padmasambhava Mantra Wheel.  Usually I offer this talisman to my relatives and students only.  It offers protection from negative annual luck, astrological events and removes misfortunes and obstacles.

Last week, I have received a surprise email from this couple:

Dear Ken, 

In January you gave us a gift of the Mantra Wheel. This is to let you know how it has saved us twice this month. 

About two weeks ago Rick was on his bicycle at around 10pm. He was on a main road in the business district of Main City. As he was approaching an intersection two dump trucks came rushing past him on his left side. The first one cut in front of him to make a right turn at the intersection barely missing him. Luckily he was able to swerve to the right as the second dump truck came rushing past him too. He was shaken but unharmed. He said that if he didn’t swerve the truck would have run over him. It was a close call. And the trucks didn’t stop at all. Rick carries the Mantra Wheel in his wallet at all times. 

Some of the cats rescued

The second incident happened two nights ago. We were watching TV and once or twice we would get a whiff of burning rubber. It wasn’t strong so we thought it was coming from the outside. Checked outside and nothing there to account for the smell. Back inside one of my cats laid down on top of the DVDs player. As Rick picked her up he noticed the smell of burning rubber was stronger in that area. I immediately turned off the TV and player. We found out that the plug of the DVD had a broken prong and the rubber insulation was melting. It’s a good thing we discovered it on time. If it had lasted longer I am almost sure it would cause a short circuit or even a fire. The Mantra Wheel is displayed on a shelf in the room where the TV is in. Thank goodness Coco the kitty decided to lie down on the DVD when she did. 

In both instances, carrying and displaying the Mantra Wheel has saved us from misfortune. And it’s worked so quickly. 

I can’t thank you enough for your kindness! The Mantra Wheel saved us twice already. What a blessing!

Thank you again for giving us the Mantra Wheel. Bless you, Ken! 





While I believe the Lotus Guru talisman may have helped averting their misfortunes, I think what they have been doing– saving the lives of homeless cats helps more in saving Rick’s life and their house.

This incident illustrates one of the most effective methods of deflecting misfortunes is saving lives of any living things.  This couple has rescued 12 homeless cats so far.  Hence, if any astrological reading predicts you have an upcoming “obstacle” or major misfortune, saving a life is an effective way to averting it.  Yes, it is difficult to have the opportunity of saving human lives, but saving animal lives like cats and dogs are easier to accomplish.

Some of you may want the Lotus Guru Mantra Wheel talisman for protection For a donation of US$30 (or US$5 if you are unemployed or cannot afford US$30) to your local Animal Humane or Welfare agency (or any charity that reduces human suffering), I will email you a  Lotus Guru talisman consecrated and blessed in your name.  DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ME.  Send it directly to your favorite charity.  Your donation “activates” this talisman.  This limited offer is good till April 30, 2019 and will not be offered again.

Email your order and proof of donation to:  kenlai88@yahoo.com

Ken Lai