A Buddhist disciple had called a master on the phone and complained, “I have worked hard and still not achieved much, why?  I have chanted mantra and done good deeds, but my destiny has not changed.” MonksZen


Master: “Let me give you $500, is this OK?”


Disciple:  “Master, I dare not take your money!


Master:  “I want you to help me do one thing.”


Disciple:Master, tell me what you want and I will absolutely do it perfectly for you!


Master:  “Please buy a car for me.”


Disciple (surprisingly):  “Master, you cannot buy a car with $500!”


Master:  “You also know one cannot get a car for $500?”



There are many people in this world trying to give a little to get a lot in return.  Obviously, this is not quite possible.

啟 示:

Ken’s comment:  This story is applicable to any religion or even events.  For example, someone admires the income of a medical doctor but does not have the patience or putting in the effort needed to go through medical school training.  I have some people pleading for spiritual help but are not willing to put in the time and effort to get them out of their predicament.  They want instant good luck with little effort or simply hearing good news.  The universe is fair (in the long run).  You get what you put in.

Ken Lai
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