A student emailed me this a few days ago: “I read about “green” tilting on your blog. Is this covered in your door fengshui course?

Aging catches up with me, I lost track of what I have written last month and not to mention those written years ago.  I have asked this student for the link of the original article, as shown below:


This article was about door-tilting craze in south-east Asia.  I had bragged about my door-tilting without physically tilting the door and called the technique “green tilt“.

My last “green tilt” was done in Singapore in 2006 in a rental property.  My client rented one unit out of the whole building and felt uncomfortable with the energy in the house.  He thought the house might be “unclean”.

Classic fix for situation like this without involving religion is to create an auspicious main entrance.  The auspicious qi will make whatever entities uncomfortable and stay away.

The problem was:  this is a rental unit and tenant is not authorized to physically modify the door location.

So the only alternative is to do a “green tilt“.  No religious stuff involved.  Material cost is almost zero. The door is 100% unchanged but the angle was somehow changed to bring in the auspicious qi.

A few years later, this client moved to another place.  His dog suddenly barked fearfully as if seeing some “visitors” when he  took down the “green tilt” item.  Dogs can see ghosts and spirits.  The house reverted back to former energy state that is attractive to other “entities”.

“Ken, are you going to tell us the ‘green tilt’ secret?” 

The only clue I can give you is that the method is based on one of the Feng Shui systems in my “Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth” course.  Many Feng Shui masters and carpenters may lose significant income if this “green tilt” method is made public.  I cannot afford to owe them this giant karma debts.

My advice would be: avoid door-tilting, especially if this is a residence.

Ken Lai

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My second son Kevin goes to college. He had recently moved to a 3 storeys rooming house. The house was built in the early 1900’s and was recently remodeled.

He and a friend live in the attic level. Second level was empty when they moved in.

They soon feel “someone” is watching them. So Kevin asked me for remedies.
I gave him some pictures of buddha, Daoist deities and some holy buddha water to cleanse their rooms.

One late mid-night, Kevin rushed back to my house in fear. He said the ghost made him dizzy and lose consciousness for half an hour and knocked down his guitar. So he and his room-mate fled the house.

Kevin further said when their friends (visitors) and them chat about the ghost, strange thing will happen– like a window will suddenly bang or making strange noise. It seems the ghost makes sure you are aware of his/her presence.

I had prepared a talisman and empowered it with the blessing of Supreme Lao Jun, a high level Daoist deity. I told my kid that this is the most powerful talisman for handling ghost. Kevin took it back to his rooming house.

He did not call me for a week. So I suppose the talisman does it job.

Since I have not seen his room before, I decided to visit him last week.

Kevin put the talisman in a photo-frame and hang it on the wall facing his bedroom door. He said the entity does not bother him although s/he is still around whenever people talk about it.

When I walked around his room, I could feel the ghost was following us!

This ghost may have more rights to stay in this house than the new occupants. I guess s/he must be an old occupant of the past.

Two girls have just moved into the second floor where the kitchen is located. They see the moving shadow of the ghost in the kitchen!

No wonder Kevin takes my talisman-bead wristband and wears it all the time!

The talisman that I gave to Kevin is non-aggressive but a blessing talisman that offers forgiveness to past sins.

POSTSCRIPT: Traditional Feng Shui and Yi-jing (I-Ching, The Book of Changes) do not think there is “ghost” but “yin-qi” (energy). Too much yin-qi (like inadequate lighting) in a house will generate yin energy (“ghost”). So a easy fix will be making the house or room more “yang” by putting up an “everlasting lamp” (always on light) and/ or making the room more open and brighter.

A Feng Shui trick to get rid of ghost is to open a “wang door” (auspicious door, ask your Feng Shui teacher how to do it). But it is too much or impossible to create a “wang door” in a rental property. I have once used this trick to determine if a haunted house had changed “heaven’s heart” (period) or not because a “wang door” was accidentally set up by the new owner.

Ken Lai
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