On June 13, 2017, a white dog was hit by a car and died on the road in China’s Nantong City of Jiangsu Province.  The deceased dog’s friend, a black dog, had pulled it from the busy traffic to roadside and tried to “revive” it by shaking and pulling the dead body.

Dog is the best friend of any species. The video below speaks volumes: (viewer discretion: may be offensive to some).  If you cannot see the video, click this link:


Only a few days ago, also in China, a report of a gruesome death of a Henan woman hit by two cars in less than a few minutes due to “bystander effect” is released.  Over 40 people and cars had passed by the victim after she was hit by the first car– had not done a thing to help the victim.

Below is the link for the video (viewer discretion: may be offensive to some).


Chinese netizens who knew about this bystander incident, after watching this dog video,  have commented:

“Seeing this (video), the contrast makes humans ashamed of themselves” 对比让人生愧

It is too bad the Henan woman car victim had not raised a dog“. 河南那被撞的女子,可惜没养条狗。

“In reality, some people are not measured up to a dog”.  现实生活中,有些人真的不如狗!

From now on, Chinese is not qualified to insult animals“. 以后中国人再没有资格侮辱禽兽

RIP Ms. Ma the car victim

RIP White dog!

Ken Lai



BFFIt is not unusual to see BFF (best friend forever) “steals” boy friend from her friend.  The following Bazi characteristic list helps you filter out your potential man-snatcher pals before your treat them as BFF.  If you are not familiar with Bazi terms, simply go to bazi-calculator.com, enter your friend’s birthday and see if you find the specific elements listed below in her chart.


1.  Numerous -power (qi-sha) elements— charts with 2 or more qi-sha elements means there will be numerous men/ lovers in their life.  It means your man would be fair game.

2.  Numerous +peer (bi-jian) elements— charts with 2 or more bi-jian elements means the DMs like competition.  It means they like to show they can get your man, play with him for a while, dump him and get another target.

3.  Ding and Bing-fire daymasters—  Ding and Bing-fire daymasters are likely cheerful, passionate and attractive.  They may find it fun and all right to actively engage your man.

4.  Ren and Gui-water daymasters—  Ren and Gui-water daymasters are likely sentimental, emotional and likeable.  They tend to like or love another man easily.  If there is metal in their charts, they are likely attractive and draw your man into them easily.

If your friend’s chart has just one of the above characteristics, you put her on “watch list”.  If she has one or more of the above,  hide your man from her.

Good man is hard to come by.  Good luck safeguarding your “man-interest“.

If “your man” is easily tempted by another woman, you may not want to “keep” him either.

Knowledge of Bazi or 4-Pillars is very useful. It can help you find a “good man/ woman”, predict if and when your spouse will cheat or not, predicts your future lucks and even handle Feng Shui and date-selection.  It is difficult to cover all the mechanics involved in this blog, take the following course if you want to learn more:

“4-Pillars Forecasting Bootcamp+ 2017 edition” with 18 hr. video

Ken Lai

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