Below are the Bazi characteristics of women who are likely remain childless or at the most, giving birth to girls and not boys.

1.  Strong DM (daymaster, the woman) with strong resource stars (zheng-yin/ pian-yin) but no wealth star (zheng-cai/ pian-cai).  For example, strong Jia-wood DM with strong water but no earth.

2.  Weak DM with strong output stars (shang-guan/ shi-shen) but weak resource stars (zheng-yin/ pian-yin).  For example, weak Jia-wood DM with strong fire but weak water.

3.  Weak DM with strong wealth stars (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) meeting resource stars (zheng-yin/ pian-yin).  For example, weak Jia-wood DM with strong earth and water.

4.  Weak DM with strong power stars (zheng-guan/ qi-sha).  For example, weak Jia-wood DM with strong metal.

5.  Charts with any one of the following conditions:

  • over-strong fire and dried earth
  • strong wet earth and metal
  • over-strong water floating wood
  • freezing metal and cold water
  • numerous resource stars
  • over-strong power and wealth stars
  • too many output stars

The reasons behind the above are given in my private Bazi discussion groups along with this article.  You can easily figure it out if you convert the transformation stars (“10-gods“) into 5-elements relationship and yin-yang balance.

Ken Lai

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