My article on “When to call in Feng Shui help” in 2009 is one of the most read and quoted in this blog.  Here I add more ideas into this list and hopefully drum up some businesses for Feng Shui practitioners.  


  1. — before you buy a new property
  2. — before you do remodeling of an existing property
  3. — before you add an extension or new level into your existing building
  4. — before you move into a new rental property
  5. — many unexpected and unpleasant events happened after moving into a new property
  6. — unexpected unfavorable career changes or lawsuits
  7. — family members suddenly have unusually high incidence of accidents or health problems
  8. — serious health problems like cancer
  9. — health problems that cannot be explained or detected by modern medicine
  10. — multiple deaths in the family
  11. — children’s academic performance suddenly drops like a rock
  12. — children become rebellious and secretive
  13. — family members do not like staying home or returning late
  14. — more arguments among family members
  15. — martial relationship suddenly turns toxic
  16. — problem in conceiving baby for female; sexual dysfunction for male
  17. — problem getting married for singles in the family
  18. — frequent nightmares
  19. — insecure feeling/ depression
  20. — seeing or hearing some inexplicable images or objects in home
  21. — problem in sleeping
  22. — life overall is full of obstacles with many backstabbers
  23. — losing good friendship/ social connections
  24. — problem controlling temper
  25. — declining wealth luck and financial problems
  26. — problem keeping or saving money

Finally, be very careful when you choose a Feng Shui practitioner.  If one is in bad luck period, the probability of running into a lousy Feng Shui practitioner is very high.  You may want to see a Bazi reader to check if your current situation is attributed to your destiny (birth chart) or Feng Shui.

Ken Lai

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