San-sha or “3-killings” is a serious negative energy in Feng Shui and date-selection.  For any given year, there are three san-sha directions or branches. It is calculated based on the San He (Three Combinations) of the year animal.

Annual san-sha normally refers to directions  not suitable for moving earth or constructions.  The directions listed below are in terms of “24 mountains“.


YEAR ANIMAL YEAR San Sha Direction
ZI Mouse 2020 Si, wu, wei
CHOU Ox 2021 Yin, mao, chen
YIN Tiger 2022 Hai, zi, chou
MAO Rabbit 2023 Shen, you, xu
CHEN Dragon 2024 Si, wu, wei
SI Snake 2025 Yin, mao, chen
WU Horse 2026 Hai, zi, chou
WEI Ram 2027 Shen, you, xu
SHEN Monkey 2016 Si, wu, wei
YOU Rooster 2017 Yin, mao, chen
XU Dog 2018 Hai, zi, chou
HAI Pig 2019 Shen, you, xu


If san-sha is in door direction,  it may negatively affecting the career of the residents.

If san-sha is in master bedroom direction,  it may negatively affect the couple like sickness or accident.

If san-sha is in children-room direction,  it may negatively affect the children like sickness or accident.

If san-sha is in kitchen direction,  it may negatively affect the female head of the house.

If san-sha is in bathroom direction,  it may negatively affect the relationship or marriage of the residents.

How to fix san-sha?  Easy fix would be avoiding movement in san-sha locations.  Please consult your Feng Shui teacher for other remedies.

Ken Lai

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