meanPpl2Xiao ren” or “little people” is the Chinese term for mean people, backstabbers and gossipers — people who make your life miserable or blocking your progress in life.

Common Feng Shui features that attract mean people are:

  1. External negative energy (sha-qi) like T-junction, heaven-chopping sha, and other form sha.
  2. Missing corner in home or office, especially SE or NW side.
  3. Overhanging beam above your seat or bed
  4. Door facing door, whether with your neighbor’s door or door facing door inside your home or office
  5. Window behind sofa, bed or office chair (no support or helpful mentor)
  6. Yin” plants with thorns like roses, cactus, climbing plants/ vines
  7. Clutters and  garbage accumulation in your home or office
  8. Sleeping or sitting in the annual 3-wood star location (2018 in NE, 2019 in south, 2020 in north).  This star stands for disharmony and mean people.

Some remedies or cures for the above are from simple to difficult.  The easy ones are simply removing or relocating the offending Feng Shui items.  For the difficult ones, please consult your Feng Shui teacher or take the following course for cures or remedies:

“Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” w/23 hr. HD video

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“Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” w/23 hr. HD video
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“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 1: Forecasting and Decision Support” w/32 hr. HD video
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“Feng Shui Toolbox: Sha-qi, Health/Wealth and Career” w/ 7 hr. HD video
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