Some Chinese wonder why Japan had always won the battles with China from the late 19th century to the 1940’s.

China Map Shaped like a mulberry leaf before Mongolia independence

One clue to this question lies on the shape of China’s map before and after 1945.

The shape of China map looked like a mulberry leaf when Outer Mongolia was still part of China.  Japan’s map looks like a silkworm.

But in 1945, Russia’s Stalin had pressured the then Chinese Nationalist Government to let Outer Mongolia become independent.  In return, Stalin had promised not to aid the Chinese Communist Party.

In August 8, 1945, Outer Mongolia becomes independent. Without Outer Mongolia,  the shape of China map looks like a rooster with its beak pointing at Japan, the silkworm.

China the rooster looking at Japan the silkworm

Whether it was a coincidence or not, seven days later (August 15, 1945), Japan had surrendered to China unconditionally.


Form Feng Shui is the study of  how land forms or environmental shapes of land and buildings affect the well-being of its residents.

From Form Feng Shui perspective, land shape can influence the perception and behaviors of the people reside on it subconsciously.

By nature, silkworms munch on mulberry leaves. Therefore, Japan the silkworm had feasted on China the mulberry leaf successfully.  That is, Japan had won most of the battles with China before 1945 when China’s land form was still looked like a mulberry leaf.

When China’s land shape becomes a rooster with its beak pointing to Japan the silkworm, the table has turned.  It is nature’s law for roosters to eat worms.

Hence, Japan has the subconscious fear of being pecked on by the rooster neighbor.  China the rooster subconsciously drools on this potential worm dinner.  In reality, Japan currently feels the biggest threat is from China.

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