A few days ago, I have done a “blind” cat adoption, taking over a cat from my kid’s classmate without seeing the cat first. The cat was adopted from an animal shelter and it does not work out because of the new owner is allergic to cats.

I thought the cat must be a kitten because it was adopted by a little girl.

When the cat is delivered to my door, I was dumbfounded that it is a huge 3-years old black cat that is great for Halloween or Friday the 13th movie.

This black cat is well-behaved and seems to be well “cultured”. It roams around the house without scratching anything. But it is hungry for human affection and likes to be petted.

I want to see if this cat can sense the good qi or energy areas of my house.

It likes to sleep under the couch inside my porch even it is hot there. That area used to have water star 8 during Period 7 and mountain star 8 in Period 8.

It likes to stick around my altar area. I can feel good and clean qi there. It does one thing that drives me nuts— it drinks from the tiny cups of water that are offering to my earth-god. It does not drink from her own water bowl.

Earth-god is the first line of defense for each household. He blocks off unwelcome entities and brings you some wealth. You don’t want to piss him off.

But I can sense my earth-god just shakes his head without being offended. This cat probably will go to heaven if I send it back to the animal shelter. So earth-god just takes it easy.

Earth-gods are normally promoted from souls of righteous and pious people. So they are pretty conscious and understand human sufferings.

The compromise is refilling earth-god’s water cups more often and treats the cat as the representative of earth-god to drink the water.

I bought a lottery ticket the same day the cat moved in. It hits the first number out of the six.

Stupid me, I should have adopted 6 cats. Each cat hits one number. I still come out ahead with the first prize minus $900 for adoption fees.” I said to myself.

Well, now you may want to go to an animal shelter and adopt 6 cats. And don’t forget to buy a lottery ticket!

Ken Lai

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