The locations specified in this article are in terms of the sitting and facing direction of a house or office/ business.  These locations, in general, are good for enhancing the power or authority and career luck of a personal.  The career location is also good for enhancing wealth.

The table below shows these locations:


1.  Put your desk in any of these locations.  Put your phone or frequently used books in the left side of the desk.  Ideally the back of your chair should have a wall as “supporting mountain”.

2.  Keep these locations clean and bright even if you cannot put a desk there.  Put away figurines or pictures of animals that clash your Chinese Zodiac animal sign.  For example, if ram is your birth animal sign, do not put pictures or statues of ox in these locations.

3. If you are in people-oriented business,  put up pictures or figurines of animals that combine with your birth animal sign.  For example, for a ram person, put up horse, pig, or rabbit.  One animal of each type is good enough.

4.  To enhance your authority or power, put symbols of power/ authority according to your local cultural belief.  For example, Chinese people would put seals or caldron as decorations in the power location.

5.  To enhance your career and wealth, put symbols of career and wealth according to your local cultural belief in the career location.

6.  For male, make sure NW has no toilet and SW for female.

These locations are based on Feng Shui theory.  People who have taken my “Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth” would understand the rational behind.

Ken Lai

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