funeralsIt is not unusual to read from the news that some families have serial or multiple deaths within a short period of time– whether due to natural or tragic causes or both.

Besides explanations of bad luck, destiny or misfortune, one possible reason is something goes wrong with the funeral date.

In Chinese date-selection, there are days deemed “double-deaths” (重丧日) days.  If a deceased family member was buried in one of this “double-deaths” days, at least one more death will likely happen within a year.

The follow days are the “double-deaths” dates.  They are in terms of lunar month and days in binomials.  Check the appendix below shows how you can check if a funeral date is a double-deaths day.

Avoid a “double-deaths” day for funeral like plaque.

The following lists the double-deaths days in terms of the 12 lunar months:

Yin (tiger) month 寅月
Days:  geng-zi 庚子日, geng-yin 庚寅日, geng-chen 庚辰日
Days:  geng-wu 庚午日,  geng-shen 庚申日, geng-xu 庚戌日

Mao (rabbit) month 卯月
Days:  xin-chou 辛丑日, xin-mao 辛卯日, xin-si 辛巳日
Days:  xin-wei 辛未日, xin-you 辛酉日, xin-hai 辛亥日

Chen (dragon) month 辰月
Days:  wu-zi 戊子日, wu-yin 戊寅日, wu-chen 戊辰日
Days:  wu-wu 戊午日, wu-shen 戊申日, wu-xu 戊戌日

Si (snake) month 巳月
Days:  bing-zi 丙子日, bing-yin 丙寅日, bing-chen 丙辰日
Days:  bing-wu 丙午日, bing-shen 丙申日, bing-xu 丙戌日

Wu (horse) month 午月
Days:  ding-chou 丁丑日, ding-mao 丁卯日, ding-si 丁巳日
Days:  ding-wei 丁未日,  ding-you 丁酉日, ding-hai 丁亥日

Wei (ram) month 未月
Days:  ji-chou 己丑日, ji-mao 已卯日, ji-si 己巳日
Days:  ji-wei 己未日, ji-you 己酉日, ji-hai 己亥日

Shen (monkey) month 申月
Days:  jia-zi 甲子日, jia-yin 甲寅日, jia-chen 甲辰日
Days:  jia-wu 甲午日, jia-shen 甲申日, jia-xu 甲戌日

You (rooster) month 酉月
Days:  yi-chou 乙丑日, yi-mao 乙卯日, yi-ji 乙巳日
Days:  yi-wei 乙未日, yi-you 乙酉日, yi-hai 乙亥日

Xu (dog) month 戌月
Days:  wu-zi 戊子日, wu-yin 戊寅日, wu-chen 戊辰日
Days:  wu-wu 戊午日, wu-shen 戊申日, wu-xu 戊戌日

Hai (pig) month 亥月
Days:  ren-zi 壬子日, ren-yin 壬寅日, ren-chen 壬辰日
Days:  ren-wu 壬午日, ren-shen 壬申日, ren-xu 壬戌日

Zi (rat) month 子月
Days:  gui-chou 癸丑日,  gui-mao 癸卯日, gui-si 癸巳日
Days:  gui-wei 癸未日, gui-you 癸酉日, gui-hai 癸亥日

Chou (ox) month 丑月
Days:  ji-chou 己丑日, ji-mao 己卯日, ji-si 己巳日
Days:  ji-wei 己未日, ji-you 己酉日, ji-hai 己亥日

 If you have avoided a double-deaths day because of this blog article, please make a donation to your local charity or do an act of kindness to anyone you like.  This will cancel out any karma debt incurred between you and me or the universe.

APPENDIX:  How to check if your funeral date is a double-deaths day

  1. Log into
    Type in the possible funeral date; hour optional.
  2. For gender, choose “M” (male)
    Click “Calculate” button
  3. Ignore the table on the right, just look at the left “Birth Chart“.
  4. Counting from RIGHT to left, Check the lower box of  the second column.  This is the month box.  For example,  August 20, 2016 (see photo here), month is “Shen” or monkey.
  5. Check the third “Day” column of the table in the left side– example here shows a “jia-xu” day.
  6. This column shows if your possible funeral day is one of the 6 double-deaths days shown in your target month here.  By checking “Shen month” above, we found Jia-xu day is one of the 6 double-death days.

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