When life and things are great, people often think that the good life is “normal” and will last forever.   But Life is like a roller-coaster with many ups and downs. What goes up will go down someday.  badluck

Without bad luck, there would be no good luck to contrast.  Sooner or later bad luck will catch up with anyone.

How do you know you are in a bad luck period?  Beside getting a Bazi reading, check the following list to see if you are in bad luck now:

  1. Poor sleep or insomnia; nightmares or strange dreams
  2. Eyelids tickling or ringing ears
  3. Unstable emotion, easily irritated , throwing tantrums
  4. Minor illness, pimples or swellings grow on face
  5. Confusing mind and thought, unable to quiet down to think
  6. Poor interpersonal relationship with relatives, friends and coworkers
  7. Running into obstacles when doing anything.  Daily chores that are used to be a breeze are difficult to do well now.
  8. Sudden breaking of everyday utensils, light bulbs, flooding, leaking pipes, machines or electronics.
  9. Losing money and wealth without knowing the reason behind.   
  10. Minor traffic accidents or car damages/ scratches
  11. Your home suddenly has many flies.
  12. Hit by bird pooh

If you run into 3+ of the above, you are in bad luck now.  But today is your lucky day.  You can follow the simple Feng Shui fixes below to alleviate or reduce the effect of your bad luck:

  1. Do a major cleaning of your house.
  2. Switch to a different bedroom to sleep
  3. Change the head-pointing direction of your bed or move your bed location
  4. Donate or throw away old or damaged objects like clothing, furniture and etc.
  5. Re-arrange your furniture
  6. Rearrange your closet and remove/demote rarely used old clothing and shoes.
  7. Adjusting your sitting position at home and office (change the facing direction, make sure there is a wall at the back of your chair) or simply change the sitting location.
  8. Remove any Feng Shui fountain if it has been in the same location for over a year.
  9. Take a short out-of-town vacation or day trip to change your energy fields
  10. Invite friends to your home for partying, to warm up the energy of your house.
  11. Go to a temple or church to pray
  12. Do some volunteering work helping people or animals
  13. Donate money to charity
  14. Feed homeless cats or dogs
  15. Avoid going to cemetery, funeral and hospital.

If the above fixes do not fix your bad luck, you may have some serious problems.  You need to consult a Bazi reader and/or Feng Shui practitioner to design more personalized remedies.

Ken Lai

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badLuckFew people enjoy good luck forever.  Sooner or later, bad luck will catch up with you.  This article lists some easy-to-do things to mitigate or steer you away from bad luck as soon as possible.

What you can do to get away from bad luck:

  1. Change your hair style and clothing habit
  2. Sleep in a different room
  3. Modify your bed location or head-facing direction
  4. Do some minor remodeling, like new wallpaper or new paint
  5. Re-arrange the furniture layout of your house
  6. Do a house-cleaning
  7. Change the location of your fish tank (if you have one)
  8. Attend celebratory events like wedding, baby shower, birthday party and the like, to draw in good energy
  9. Make a short trip to another city
  10. Do volunteer work for charity
  11. Donate money to charity

All the above aim at attracting positive energies and dispelling negative energies away from you.  Thus reducing the intensity of your bad luck.

Avoid doing the following when you are in bad luck:

  1. Avoid attending funeral because of death or yin energy will make your bad luck stronger.
  2. Avoid visiting hospital for the same reason above.
  3. Avoid taking risks or making major decisions because when you are in bad luck, you are likely make the wrong decisions.
  4. Avoid making new investments
  5. Avoid gambling and speculation.
  6. Avoid loaning money to people.
  7. Avoid changing jobs frequently.