Below is taken from a message from my “4P Bootcamp” discussion list.

Hi Ken and others,

Student Comment: It appears that feng shui has an influence at least on people’s personality. I observed people living in different areas of the country or world behave differently.

Ken: Yes, there are regional difference in macro Feng Shui which affect not only the personality but also physical appearance of the people there. For example, people born in China’s Soo Zhou and Hang Zhou regions, where water and mountains are pretty, tend to be physically attractive too, not to mention there are many famous scholars and poets born in those areas in the past thousand years or so.

Then we have micro level Feng Shui that affect individual households. From my experience, I found that personal luck is likely to synchronize with Feng Shui . I told people if they feel their current luck is great, then fire the Feng Shui master and just grab a house. It will have good Feng Shui . But if you feel your current luck is low, you need to find a Feng Shui guy to help you. 

Some people intentionally or unintentionally overblow the power of Feng Shui. Feng Shui’s basic premise is to live in harmony with nature. Everything else are just by-products. It does not intend to make you rich, to have good relationship, to beat recession or not getting sick. Even His Holiness Delai Lama gets sick from time to time and consults a doctor. The richest man in the world is not a Feng Shui master. In fact, many famous Feng Shui masters in history died poor. What did these mean? One’s fate or destiny is more important than Feng Shui, not to mention personal cultivation and behaviors that also affect one’s karma and luck.

Student Comment: My question is: does Feng Shui influence one’s luck? 

Ken: Yes, a Hong Kong sifu of mine had found that people with good Feng Shui , when they have traffic accident, their injury will be minimized or not severe. Another study in Taiwan about air-crash victims showed that their house Feng Shui tend to have problem like void line (no qi or energy coming into the house). 

So it seems that the relationship between Feng Shui and 4-Pillars is like this: if personal luck is bad, good Feng Shui will mitigate the negative effect. If one has good luck but his house Feng Shui is bad, the negative effect will not be as severe or mitigated. With bad personal luck and bad Feng Shui — your life will be very challenging. 

There are people who do not believe in San-sha (3-killings) and 5-yellow and dug in those areas and bragged about nothing negative happen. It did not happen YET because their current luck is probably on the high side. 

The negative effect may come a few years later— when your luck is low! Few people can enjoy good luck all the time. 

Some years ago Taiwan’s China Airline had a crash with many of its executives killed on-board. Taiwan Feng Shui masters had traced back that the company had violated San Sha a few years ago when they built their new headquarters. 

Student Comment: For example,  why there are more countries that suffer poverty, famine, and war than developed nations?

Ken: This has to do with the “earth luck” of those regions. It switches according to the lao-shu (post-heaven bagua) theoretically. For example, now is Period 8 and the auspicious region will be NE of any country or NE of the world. 

Student Comment: Does it mean good 4P charts and bad charts are not evenly distributed around the world?

Ken: There is no study done about the distribution of good and bad 4P charts. There are about a few hundred babies born every minute around the world with the same 4P charts. Of course, they will not have same luck and life experience. Different geography and birth environments (including social class background) will affect people with same 4P chart differently. 

There is a 4P story about two babies born at the same time– one was born on a ship and another born in the shop of a blacksmith. The one born on water became a major government official while the blacksmith’s son become a blacksmith. Then someone move this blacksmith son to the capital and study. He became an official too. 

Their natal chart liked water. Temperature adjustment in a 4P chart is very important. Very often, the difference between a rich man and a very rich man is the latter has temperature adjustment.

Student Comment: Majority of people in a 3rd world country are born with bad charts, or the ones with good charts managed to leave the country, or the ones born with good charts will have bad luck as well if they live in a city/country with bad Feng Shui?

Ken: Everything is relative. What’s considered “poor” here may sound like paradise in some other countries. The “poor” in USA still have cable TV and steady supply of food– compare this lifestyle to some third world poor, it is not bad at all. I don’t think majority of people in third world countries born with bad charts, just the ones with “good” charts may suffer less. 

Personally I think your “yun” or luck periods are more important than your Bazi natal chart and Feng Shui . When you are in good luck period, you can pick a house with good Feng Shui with your eyes blindfolded. 

To conclude, 4P interacts with Feng Shui , geography (hot or cold climate), birth environments, your personal choices and perhaps, your past lives too (if you believe in Buddhism). 

Student Comment:
I ask this because people are always looking to change aspects of their lives i.e.) better job opportunities, less stressful life, etc. by moving to a different area. But is it really helpful? 

Ken: Yes, if your chart dislikes fire and you live in say, Malaysia (hot area), your luck will be better if you move to Minnesota (cold place). I have tested this out myself!

Ken Lai 

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