There are birth charts of certain people, regardless of methods,  cannot be read accurately by any astrological methods.  According to Chinese belief, these people are believed to be the “maiden boys/ girls”  童子/ 童女  (similar to the child angels concept in the west) who serve the deities in heaven or temples.  The “golden boy and jade girl” standing next to Guan-yin or Avalokiteśvara statue in Chinese temples are two examples.

A maiden chart is hard to read because there is another “being” in the body of the chart owner.  However, this “being” is not malicious like a ghost.

These celestial people come to earth or are banished to earth because:

  • lust  (there are still lust and desire in Samsara level of heaven)
  • due to curiosity and sneak out to earth without authorization
  • rule violations
  • are sent to earth officially for some missions to help humanity

Because of the time differentials between heaven and earth, a lifetime on earth is just a few days in heaven.  Sending some unruly “little angels” in heaven to earth “for a few days” and experience some earthly sufferings is a good learning experience or punishment.

These maiden boys and girls show some of the following characteristics: 

  • handsome/ pretty, smart 
  • prone to sickness and die young, may not live over 40 
  • problems in communication, not sociable 
  • spiritual, likely be psychic– interest in metaphysics and religions 
  • suffer in relationship/ marital life with many tragic stories

In some aspects, these “maiden boys and girls” are similar to the “indigo children” in the west.

There are a few formulas to figure out if a Bazi chart is a “maiden chart” or not.

I found people interested in metaphysics and religion are likely to have a “maiden chart”.   My own chart is also a “maiden chart”.

There are Daoist rituals to “send away” the maiden “hidden” in the body of a maiden boy/ girl.  So that the person involved can live a normal life.
If you want to find out if you have a “maiden chart“, you can donate US$30 ($15 for unemployed or under-employed, tax deductible) to UNICEF  (United Nation Children’s Fund), forward me ( the receipt or acknowledgement email and send me your birthday and hour with city of birth.  I will check your chart to see if you are a “maiden boy or girl”.  Below is the link to make your donation.

Please be aware that I will not read your chart other than ascertaining if you have a maiden chart.

Ken Lai

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