app1461310010_a5d0It is quite common for astrologers, especially the beginners, to write or blog on celebrities and famous people.

Two days ago (April 21, 2016) was Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday.  UK’s Embassy in Hong Kong had posted the queen’s birth certificate on Facebook showing that she was born in April 21, 1926 at 2:40 am.

Hong Kong was a former British colony and people there are still fond of the royal family.  A Hong Kong newspaper has invited celebrity astrologer Master Mak Ling Ling to read the Bazi chart of the Queen Elizabeth II.  Mak has been in Feng Shui and Bazi business since 1996 and had penned over 20 Feng Shui and Bazi books.  She shows up in TV and radio shows regularly.


Queen’s birth Certificate

This is the Queen’s Bazi chart:

  • Year:  Bing-yin
  • Month:  Ren-chen
  • Day:  Geng-chen
  • Hour:  Ding-chou 

Here is Master Mak’s reading about the queen:

The Queen has a metal daymaster.  She has very strong wealth luck because the birth season is spring.  She does not need to worry about food and clothing throughout her life.  This is an ultra rich and ultra noble chart.”


Mak said the British queen was born in a Kui Gang day(魁罡日) which implies leadership abilities and being respected by the people.  “She has two Kui Gang stars in her chart.  With one Kui Gang star is very noble already.”  But Mak also commented that people with Kui Gang star are dominant and self-centered.  So relationship with her children and daughter-in-laws will be less than satisfactory.


Do you know what’s wrong with this reading even if you know nothing about Bazi astrological reading?

The online readers of this newspaper have a field day poking fun at this reading.  Here are some examples:

What an idiot!  The whole world knows the Queen does not need to worry about food and clothing….”  正一白痴,全世界的人都知女皇衣食無休啦

“Quite accurate reading…. hahaha…” 算得又幾準啵… 哈哈哈…

“My prediction is better (than Mak’s), I know she would be the British Queen a long time ago.”  我仲勁,一早知佢會做英女王。

“My reading also predicts the Queen at least lives till 90!!”  我也算到英女皇最少 90 歲命呢!!

“My own reading predicts that (the queen) at least lives till 90 with many children and grand-children, worry-free living throughout her whole life and enjoys good reputation.  This is a born to be queen chart.”  我算到佢至少90歲命,仲兒孫滿堂,一生衣食無憂,享有名譽,生成一條皇后命

Master Mak must have forgotten that Queen Elizabeth II is already 90 years old.   Mak is in a no-win situation even if she has honestly predicted the Queen’s life.  Most people in the world already know her life history.

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