0000_12animasWhen a Bazi or 4P reader looks at a natal chart, by checking the number of  “4-cardinals, 4-births and 4-storages elements“, s/he could give a long talk on the personalities and characteristics of the  client in a flash.  The client may feel this reader is a “living deity” (Chinese slang for a good fortune-teller).

Keep reading if you want to know this “secret“.

These 3 groups of “4-xxxxx” elements are just different configurations of 12 branches with special properties.

12-branches sometimes are also represented by 12 Chinese zodiac animals:

zi-rat, chou-ox, yin-tiger, mao-rabbit, chen-dragon, si-snake, wu-horse, wei-ram, shen-monkey, you-rooster, xu-dog and hai-pig.

12-branches are separated into three configurations:

1.  Zi-wu-mao-you 子午卯酉 : 4-cardinals 四正

Zi-water, wu-fire, mao-wood and you-metal are called “4-cardinals” because they are located in the right angled locations (90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees) in a map.  Compared with other branches, 4-cardinals are purer energies and hence stronger.  Zi-wu-mao-you are also called “peach-blossom” elements.  People’s natal charts with more of these cardinal elements are usually attractive and emotional in love.  They also like to be leaders and extreme thinkers.  A natal chart with Zi-wu-mao-you together could be an emperor (like the chart of Qing Dynasty’s Qian-Long emperor) or a beggar or famous prostitute (if woman).  A chart with Zi-wu-mao-you filled up by luck period/s should be wary of serious accident or illness because zi-wu and mao-you clashes are clashes of strong and pure energies, not to mention zi-mao is also a serious penalty.

2.  Yin-shen-si-hai 寅申巳亥 : 4-births 四长生

Yin-wood, shen-metal, si-fire and hai-water are called “4-births” or “sub-cardinals” because they are the “birth place” of wood, metal, fire and water and also located in the 4- corners in a map.  People’s natal charts with more of these birth elements are usually active and creative.  DM with more than 2 of these birth elements cannot sit down for too long.  4-births are also called “traveling horse” elements, meaning frequent moves and traveling.  People with numerous birth elements are prone to traffic accidents and falling injuries because this configuration is easy running into yin-shen/ si-hai clashes and yin-si-shen 3-penalties.

3.  Chen-xu-chou-wei 辰戌丑未: 4-storages

Chen-xu-chou-wei are called 4-storages or tombs.  4-storages stand for wealth storage.  It also stands for DM’s tomb during old age.  Chen is wet yang earth and water storage or tomb.  Xu is hot yang earth and fire storage or tomb.  Chou is wet yin earth and metal storage or tomb.  Wei is dried earth and wood storage or tomb. People’s natal charts with more of these storage elements can accumulate wealth.  But they do not want to throw anything away.  They tend to be introvert, inactive and keep their emotions inside.  People with numerous storage elements can easily run into chou-xu-wei 3-penalties.  But it is not as serious as other 3-penalties.

You may go to bazi-calculator.com, key in your birthday and check how many of these 4-xxxxx elements that you have.

Ken Lai

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