On March 13, 2016 at 3 PM,  a black male cat was killed by a traffic accident near  a housing complex in Chongqing City, China.  A yellow female cat had stood guard near the body of the male cat and refused to leave despite the traffic.

This cat is very intelligent.  I am touched deeply 這貓太有靈性了,真的好感人”.  “Cat also griefs like human 貓也重情,不比人差 ”  Some pedestrians had commented.  cat_Qing

This female cat had kissed the male cat body frequently as if trying to “wake up” the male cat.  She also had circled around the motionless body, smelled his back, licked his tail, pushed his head with her paws and even jumped over his body from time to time.

She became nervous and crawled around the male cat whenever a car was driving by.

Bystanders were saddened by the actions of this yellow cat.  Though they had worried about her safety,  they did not want to disturb her or move her to safety.

According to the security guard of the nearby housing complex, these two cats are a stray cat couple in this area.  The deceased cat was the male partner.

Policeman there had determined the male cat was dead and made arrangement to have the carcass removed.

The security guard said that if this yellow cat stays in the area, he and the residents will feed her.

This female had stayed with the male cat carcass till the very end.

Cat also griefs.

RIP Black cat.

To see a video of this cat couple, click the link below:


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