Today is your lucky day because I will show you two easy and free ways of enhancing your luck.

I was shopping at a department store today.  While reading the label of a merchandise, a feeble voice seemed talking to me.

I was amazed to find a 90+ old gentleman standing in front of me.  He saw me in a state of bewilderment because I was not sure if he talked to me.  He said, “I just want to talk to you.”

Maybe I looked funny with a pony tail.

To my surprise, there was another 90+ years old woman walking in front of him.  Both just has a walking cane though looked frail.  It is rare to have a 90+ years old couple walking unassisted together.  I suddenly feel great joy and lucky seeing this couple.

In traditional China, anyone over 80 is considered god.  You two are gods to me.  Can I shake your hand?”  I told the old gentleman.

The couple smiled and had shaken my hand.  They walked away happily.

Traditional Chinese believes children under 6 (especially babies) and people over 80 are “gods“.  Children under 6 are not yet “socialized” or conditioned to secular beliefs that block their sixth sense and spirits.  Their “spiritual eye” (the ability to sense spirits/energy) may still function.  Their souls or “spirit” or aura are stronger and purer than adults.   Hence, hugging or holding babies and young kids could could activate your potentials and enhance your energy, spirit, health and luck.   This luck enhancing trick is called “touching aura” (沾灵气).

People over 80 have endured the “wheels” of time and “absorbed” the essence or energies of the sun and moon.  Living through 80+ years is also a sign of blessing and longevity.  Touching the hands of these old folks can bring us good energy and luck.  This luck enhancing trick is called “accumulating blessing” (聚福气).

The easiest way to touch many old folks is to visit homes for the senior.

Go out and touch someone 80 years or older!

Ken Lai
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