oldMaid“Bachelor” and “spinster” here refer to people who have missed their prime age period for marriage.  In China, these group of people are called “surplus males (剩男)” and “surplus females (剩女)” .  I will use a more neutral term “unmarried people”.

Today is your lucky day because you will read some rarely taught secrets of “unmarried Feng Shui“, especially if you are one of the unmarried persons and want to get rid of the “unmarried” label.

Below are some Feng Shui features of your residence that may contribute to one’s being “unmarried”:

1. Missing or partially missing NW or SW corner/s:  NW is Qian palace representing the oldest male and SW is Kun palace for oldest female.  Male living in a house with missing SW corner will have problem getting married.  Same for female living in a house with missing NW corner.

2. Toilet in NW or SW corners:  Similar to #1, but in this case, the toilet flushes away the relationship and hence not getting married.

3. Person’s animal sign location is a missing corner, cave-in, toilet or well:  this will make it difficult for that person to get married.

4. A person’s 6-combination animal sign location is clashed:  For example, the dog (xu) location is the 6-combination location of a person with rabbit (mao) sign.  If this location is “clashed” by a T-junction, sharp corner/ object, kitchen, door or the like, this person will have problem getting married. 

5. Bedroom in “loneliness star” location:  “Loneliness star” (孤辰寡宿) is a shen-sha or symbolic star in Bazi.  People with this star in their Bazi natal chart is prone to remain single or become unmarried if married.  Below is how to check if your bedroom sits on this loneliness star location:

  • People with tiger, rabbit and dragon sign, their loneliness star is in si mountain (SE) and chou mountain (NE).
  • People with snake, horse and ram sign, their loneliness star is in shen mountain (SW) and chen mountain (SE).
  • People with pig, mouse and ox sign, their loneliness star is in yin mountain (NE) and xu mountain (NW).
  • People with monkey, rooster and dog sign, their loneliness star is in hai mountain (NW) and wei mountain (SW).

6. Bedroom location in all-yang or all-yin location:  This concept is difficult to explain here.  Check my Bazi groups for a longer version of this article for explanation.    

Ken Lai

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