In 2011, I wrote about the 1000+ years mystery of “middle-heaven bagua” that is supposedly the human level of bagua.

A German reader wrote me about this middle-heaven bagua.  But I have a policy of not answering emails from people that I do not know (except placing course orders).  But he is so persistent, so I post his questions here for anyone interested to answer.  Other than correcting some minor misspellings, the following is taken verbatim from his email.

Dear Master Lai,

I am a private researcher of yjing the last 20 years. Because of studying a variety of books with contrary views and theories – I am lost and frustrated over the years.

When I read your blog and statements on the web, I got the impression, that you really have the fundamental plain true basics.

I would be pleased and thankful  for your help.

My main questions are:

1.  Is the houtian superpositioned on the xiantian bagua or the other way round to generate the 64 hexagrams?

2. How come the sixiang into being ? Through the middle line of a trigram, combined from earlier and later bagua, or through luoshu / hetu number grid.  Is sixiang a combination from both arrangements? You spoke of a middle gua?! Or is sixiang build from the other /uppermost bagua?

Does young yang stand in the east with lower line yin and upper yang or is it the other way round. Same for young yin in the west?

3. How does the nine palaces (eight houses) are connected in generating the 64 hexagrams?

I would be so happy to get your reply and support.

Best regards from Germany,


PS:  Ken’s comment:  These are profound questions good enough for a few PhD dissertations.

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I ran into an interesting Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua (XKDG) date-selection case in Hong Kong in last April.

A local master was solicited to do a date-selection for the renovation of an ancient tomb. The tomb houses the founding ancestral couple of a local clan.

The formation of this tomb is called “Literacy Shrimp Frolicking with Water (文蝦戲水). This is a typical San He (3-harmony) job which likes to “naming imagery based on forms” (呼形喝象). The original master thought the form around the tomb looks like a shrimp playing with water. Water is also associated with intelligence and hence literacy. So this “shrimp” is a smart shrimp. By naming it “literacy shrimp“, hopefully, the descendants will be learned scholars.

The local master wrote, “This is a shrimp form, if the selected day has no water (rain), the shrimp will die! If it rains, we can’t initiate construction. This is really a tough job.”

This is the date selected, June 12, 2007, Wu hour:

Year: Ding Hai; 8 zhen/ kun 8
Month: Bing Wu; 4 dui/ xun 3
Day: Ding Chou; 4 dui/ zhen 7
Hour: Bing Wu; 4 dui/ xun 3

“The observatory had issued a thunderstorm warning in early morning of the selected day.” The local master said. “It had rained heavily in Si hour (9:01- 11am). Sunshine came out during Wu hour (11:01- 13:00). We did the renovation during Wu hour and finished within 2 hours. The sky then turned cloudy during first half of Wei hour (13:01- 14:00). By that time the cement had dried. It had rained again during the second half of Wei hour. We are fortunate to get help from heaven!”

Well, it seems even Feng Shui shrimp based on imagery needs 5-elements support. In my next post, I will tell you how to learn XKDG date-selection in an hour and how much this Hong Kong master charges for XKDG date-selection.

Ken Lai

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I was in Hong Kong last month. While I walked in a subway station, I saw billboards advertising a “5-Elements Money Market Fund”.

“Great! More work opportunities for Chinese Metaphysics folks!” I thought.

This morning, Mr. Li Zhao Ji (李兆基), a multi-billionaire, a.k.a. “Asia Stock God”
(“亞洲股神”) talks about “5-elements theory of stock trading” (炒股五行論). For details, please check the following link (in Chinese):

http://www.cdnews. site/docDetail. jsp?coluid= 114&docid= 100391326

http://news. xinhuanet. com/fortune/ 2007-12/05/ content_7203235. htm

For basic theory of stock trade and 5-elements, please click this link (in Chinese):
http://hkstock. 080212/132, 1357,3778655, 00.shtml

In the last few years, some well-intended folks are trashing 5-elements applications in 4P, Feng Shui and others.

While there are limits of 5-elements, they are still the cornerstone of Chinese Metaphysics.

5-elements are not just physical metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

To apply 5-elements theory in terms of qi (energy), in terms of actual physical elements or just in terms of symbols, is situation-specific. It is not easy to throw out the 5-element concept without upsetting the whole equation.

Humans and living beings are all under the influence of 5-elements. You either become an immortal or dead when 5-elements stop affecting you.

Well, time for a cup of tea (Darn! Water-element controls me again! Maybe I should draw a Kan hexagram and eat it instead.)

Ken Lai

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Note: This was written on July 31, 2004

Someone has asked about “heaven plate” yesterday. Here is an excerpt from the course manual “P8 Upgrade Toolkit“.

In the beginning, luopan had only 8 directions or the 8 trigrams (Qian, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen and Dui). To make the measurement more precise, the ancients subdivided each trigram (45 degrees) into 3 regions of 15 degrees. These regions are called “mountains”.

1. People may confuse “heaven” gua must be all “heavenly stems” directions.

2. 24 mountains is another “representation” of post-heaven Bagua—each trigram of the Bagua handles 3 mountains. So it is essentially another way of “Na Jia”.
3. For the heavenly stems, only 8 stems are used because wu and ji are “earth” and assigned to the center. All 12 earthly branches are utilized.
4. However, there are only 12 + 8 = 20 mountains; we still need four more mountains to “fill” up the 24 directions.
5. Qian, Kun, Gen and Xun, which happens to be at the 4 “corners” of the bagua, are drafted into the 24 mountains.
6. 3 groups of “mountains” are divided according to the location and “purity” :
Heaven gua (yin): zi, wu, mao and yao
Heaven gua (yang): Qian, Kun, Gen and Xun

These eight mountains are considered as “pure” because of their location.

The yin group locates on the “4 cardinal points” and the yang group in the 4 corner locations with no mixture of other directional qi

Earth gua (yin): chen, xu, chou and wei (the 4 “tombs” or storages)

Earth gua (yang): jia, geng, bing and ren
Human gua (yin): yi, xin, ding and gui
Human gua (yang): yin, shen, si and hai

Characteristics of these guas:
HEAVEN GUA — specialized prosperity, esp. in fame and social mobility
EARTH GUA — quick and fast prosperity, esp. in academic performance
HUMAN GUA — long term prosperity, esp. in wealth aspects

Copyright 2004 by Ken Lai, All rights reserved

Ken Lai