Note:  The message below was written in August 2015 for my “Professional Imperial QMDJ” discussion group. I wrote this article after being bombarded with questions about this so-called “QMDJ-XKDG” by my curious students for years.  I have updated it with some new notes here.

Some marketers have marketed a “Qi-Men-Dun-Jia Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua”  (奇门遁甲玄空大卦 QMDJ-XKDG) course a few years ago. You (my students) have asked many questions about this course.


Ancient QMDJ books

In Chinese metaphysics, there is a fetish of “na-jia” or trying to fit everything into the bagua.  Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua or XKDG itself is an example– artificially fitting 64 hexagrams into the bagua or 8-trigrams by repeating 4 jia-zi (binomials).  XKDG is still not accepted by some Feng Shui schools.

There is also a tendency in Chinese metaphysics circle to stuff 64 hexagrams into existing systems and repackage it as “XXXX-XKDG”.   These marketers often claim that this is no new stuff but a recent “rediscovery” of long-lost ancient manuscript or technique.

During mid-Qing dynasty (around 1700-1800), the government had relaxed the restrictions on the spreading of QMDJ to help countering the increasingly aggressive western power and internal rebellions.  Scholars and amateurs at that time had gone nuts and written many “armchair” books on QMDJ.  “Armchair” means out of imagination or simply using formula mechanically to generate more QMDJ theories.  Some may work and most do not or simply have no empirical testing to backup the “new” theories.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as “QMDJ-XKDG“.  Modern marketers have coined the term “QMDJ-XKDG” because this later day version of QMDJ has somehow “squeezed” 64 hexagrams into the system.  The original author(s) had called this version of QMDJ as “Golden Mirror of Nation-building and Capital setting for 10 Thousands Years Reign” (Aren’t we lucky that Hitler had not gotten a copy?).  I have read the book about this “nation/ capital building” QMDJ. (For around NT$ 300 or US$ 10, you can get the Chinese book on this topic in Taiwan).


Ancient compass with 8 sectors

QMDJ was developed around 200 AD using only 9 palaces or sectors (the rudimentary compass at that time could not do measurement down to individual degree). XKDG requires accuracy down to 360/384 or 0.938 degree (even compass during the1800’s could not be this accurate).  Mixing QMDJ with XKDG together is as funny as putting dinosaurs with humans together like the “One Million Years BC” movie.  QMDJ and XKDG were over 1500 years apart.


Sample “capital-building chart”

The original author of this version of QMDJ had claimed it is for “capital building” and provincial/ city level “huge projects“.  It is not designed for individual house, building or even housing estates though one may use it as “reference“.   If we assume it works as claimed– there are not too many capitals around or huge projects for Feng Shui students to build.  This means only these so-called  “QMDJ-XKDG” teachers make money from selling the course.The students will probably find little or no market for “QMDJ-XKDG” other than selling the course again to others.   It is even worse if the darn thing does not work.

Anyway, the “capital-building chart” looks impressive if not intimidating for the uninitiated.  It is just iterations of some formulas into individual palace.


Commander Nian

Imperial Qing dynasty was no longer exist in China since 1911.  It should be here today if “QMDJ-XKDG” was employed.  And we know from historical texts and Qing Imperial Tombs that Qing emperors were very into Feng Shui and QMDJ.  The Qing military commander Nian Gengyao (年羹尧) was known for using QMDJ in quelling rebellions.

The essence of the question is:  Can QMDJ be scaled up and applied to regional or national level when it was originally designed for small scale or single location application?  

QMDJ itself is a very complicated system with over 50 data points and numerous dimensions.  XKDG is not as complicated as QMDJ, but it is not simple either.  Imagine the astronomical number of combinations generated when someone tries to tie these two system together!

Mixing unrelated systems and methods together is like building a QMDJ Frankenstein.  The more variables one adds to a system, the more complicated it becomes, the narrower for its application (like in this case, capital building and huge projects) and the higher probability of something goes wrong.  Isn’t this too much for an individual Feng Shui practitioner to handle?

Just because a book was written a few hundred years ago does not necessarily make its contents valid.  Consumers need to do their crap-detection and hype-filtering before paying for courses based on these “ancient books” or “rediscovery of ancient techniques“.

My 40 years of experience in Chinese metaphysics tells me if someone hypes about a recent “discovery” of an ancient text, technique or family heirloom manuscript in QMDJ, Feng Shui or any topic, the chance of this being crap is pretty high.  If the newly rediscovered “technique” is so amazing and powerful, it should have been utilized extensively like aspirin or sliced bread.  Why it is forgotten or disappeared into the garbage heaps of history long time ago?

You may find QMDJ-ZWDS, XKDG-ZWDS, QMDJ-XKDG-ZWDS, Mega QMDJ-XKDG-ZWDS-4P-Flying-Star courses…. soon in some marketer websites near you.

Ken Lai 

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Originally I had planned to use 3 months to upgrade Imperial QMDJ 3G version to 4G.

It takes almost 3 years and 1.5 million keystrokes later— here is Imperial QMDJ 4G.

It takes so long because of my old habit in graduate school– before I start anything I will review all the available literature in that field.  I have checked all possible QMDJ materials under the sun for this upgrade, so that you don’t need to waste time doing it.

It turns out most of the “new” QMDJ materials shown up in the last few years, especially from a certain country, are mostly junk or works of fiction.  I have wasted lots of time on them and ended up sticking with classic QMDJ materials and actual field testing.

This Imperial QMDJ 4G edition is 3 times bigger than the original 5-days QMDJ live seminar manuals taught in 2005.  I have created different versions to make this course more affordable for people who do not need all the bells and whistles.  There are 3 flavors of Imperial QMDJ:

  • Practical Imperial QMDJ 4G with 12 hours of video  (US$999)
  • Advanced Practical Imperial QMDJ 4G with 16 hours of video  (US$1299)
  • Professional Imperial QMDJ 4G with 21 hours of video  (US$1499)
  • Please check  http://www.kenlaifengshui.com for special pricing that will expire on May 15, 2013.
Smart Visual QMDJ Chart

A major change in the 4G edition is in the 1080 QMDJ pans or charts section. I have designed the new bilingual “Smart Visual QMDJ Charts” that almost do the thinking for the user.  User gets the following critical info with a quick glance:

  • leaders of 9-stems, 9-stars and 8-gates
  • Fu-yin info of stems, stars and gates
  • Fan-yin info of stems, stars and gates
  • auspicious directions (the “red star”)
  • symbols to show if an element is auspicious (happy face) or inauspicious (bomb) or semi-auspicious (sad face)
  • color-coded and number-coded to show the element nature of each item in the chart

Smart Visual Charts make QMDJ chart interpretation a child’s play by giving a meaningful visual representation of the chart. It also reduces the instructional time needed to explain it.

With a little practice, one can get raw results on a QMDJ reading within 2 to 3 minutes including time needed to convert the hour to binomial (jia-zi) and locating the Smart Visual Chart in the Field Operation Manual.

Another major change is the addition of numerous examples– from 60+ to 130+ examples, depending on the version.

Numerous QMDJ “indicators” or “external signs” are added to the Advanced and Professional version.  It is probably the biggest collection of indicators in English though this is more for bragging rights than practical applications.

One valuable addition is the “Field Experience” section based on actual testing.  Quite a few lineage grade secrets are embedded in these field experience of actual QMDJ applications.  This section alone probably worth 50% or more of the purchasing price.

QMDJ birth chart reading is added to the Professional and Advanced version with a 120 years QMDJ 10K Calendar for checking QMDJ birth charts.

There are numerous new topics added in the 4G edition. The following comparisons (click to enlarge) will show you some details:

The interactive DVD menus of the Professional Imperial QMDJ 4G are shown below. The Advanced and Practical version are subsets of the Professional version.

Click picture to enlarge

Thank you for reading this message.

Ken Lai

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I found that the Chinese 5-elements theory is a pretty good predictor of winners for the World Cup semi-finals based on the actual team jersey color during the match.

Chinese 5-elements theory states that the world is made up by the interactions between 5 type of energies;  metal, water, wood, fire and earth.  The relationship between these 5 types of elements are as follow:

  • Metal is represented by white color. It is controlled by fire (red), drained by water (blue or black) and nurtured by earth (yellow or brown).
  • Wood is represented by green color.  It is controlled by metal (white), drain by fire (red) and nurtured by water (blue or black).
  • Water is represented by blue or black color. It is controlled by earth (yellow or brown), drain by wood (green) and nurtured by metal (white).
  • Earth is represented by yellow or brown color. It is controlled by wood (green), drain by metal (white) and nurtured by fire (fire).
 Here are the rules for picking the winning team:
  • If that team’s jersey color controls the opponent’s jersey color (example, red will lose to blue) or
  • If that team’s jersey color drains the opponent’s jersey color (white will lose to blue)

How does it work?
Jersey color stands for part of the energy field surrounding the players.  By controlling or draining the energy field of your opponent using appropriate colored jersey, you can enhance the energy level of your own team and weakening the energy level of your opponent.  There are other Chinese metaphysical methods like Qi-Men-Dun-Jia that can increase the odds of  winning by 10- 15% through the use of directional energies.

Plugging this 5-elements theory to June 26 and 27 semi-finals, we have the follow results:

1.  URU vs KOR (blue vs white)
— blue is water and white is metal.  Water drains metal.  The theory predicts URU will win.
2.  USA vs GHA (white vs red)
— white is metal and red is fire.  Fire burns or control metal.  The theory predicts GHA will win.
3. GER vs ENG (white vs red)
— white is metal and red is fire. Fire burns or control metal. The theory predicts ENG will win.  Incorrect for this one.  But June 27th is a strong metal day according to Chinese calendar.
4. ARG vs MEX (blue/white vs green)
— blue is water and white is metal and green is wood. Metal controls or chops wood. The theory predicts ARG will win.  Besides June 27th is a strong metal day according to Chinese calendar.

Chinese 5-elements theory’s predictions are almost 75% accurate for the first two days of the World Cup semi-finals.  How about the next two days?

Assuming the teams will wear their standard team colored jerseys, here are the possible results:

1.  NED vs SVK (red vs blue)
— red is fire and blue is water.  Water extinguishes fire.  So SVK is likely to win.
2.  BRA vs CHI (yellow vs red)
— yellow is earth and red is fire.  Earth drains fire.  So BRA is likely to win.
3.  PAR vs JPN (red/white vs blue)
— red is fire and white is metal; blue is water.  Water drains metal and water extinguishes fire.  So JPN is likely to win.
4.  ESP vs POR (red vs red)
— it is unlikely that both teams wear red.  The team that wears white is likely to lose because red is fire and white is metal.  Fire burns metal.

May the best team win (Coaches:  Make sure you pick the winning color for your team jersey)!

Ken Lai

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I am saddened by the tragic Polish plane crash and have been looking for any metaphysical explanations in the last few days.  I have found some critical info from today’s AP news:

Here are the critical data:
Crash date and time: April 10, 10:56  (9:56 when adjusted for summer time)
Age of pilots:   Capt. Arkadiusz Protasiuk, 36, and the co-pilot as Maj. Robert Grzywna, 36. Also in the cockpit were Ensign Andrzej Michalak, 36, and Lt. Artur Zietek, 31.
Age of President Kaczynski : 60
Number of attempts to land:  5 (crashed on the 5th attempt)

Destination city’s relative direction to Warsaw: Northeast

A quick glance would show Grand Duke probably is involved in this tragedy.  Grand Duke is the “Ruler” of the year according to Chinese metaphysics.  If your age is a multiple of 12, you are “violating” Grand Duke for the year.  Three out of the 4 people (including the pilots) in the cockpit were 36 years old or “violating Grand Duke“.  President kaczynski was 60 and hence also “violating Grand Duke”.  Besides, the plane is flying towards northeast or against the Grand Duke direction of the Tiger year.

If we factor in the traveling time and 5 attemps to land, it was very likely the plane took off  before 9am. The 4-Pillars chart at take-off time was:

YEAR:  GENG-YIN  (metal-wood)

MONTH: GENG-CHEN (metal-earth)
DAY: GENG-YIN (metal-wood)
HOUR: GENG-CHEN (metal-earth)

Besides day and year pillar fu-yin (identical), of this chart shows “battling of metal and wood“.  Metal seemed to have an upperhand in Chen hour.  But when the clock switched to Si hour (9:00- 11:00), the chart looked like this:

YEAR: GENG-YIN (metal-wood)
MONTH: GENG-CHEN (metal-earth)
DAY: GENG-YIN (metal-wood)

Yin is jia-wood or tree.  Si is fire.  Geng is metal or plane.  The plane hit some trees, crashed and burned.  This chart also has a hidden Yin-Si-Shen 3-penalities.  Geng is the main component of Shen-metal.  Yi-Si-Shen 3-Penalties usually involves traffic accidents or injuries/ deaths by metal.

In terms of Qi-Men-Dun-Jia, the northeast direction for April 10, Geng-Chen hour chart has the following components:

Heaven/earth plates: Xin and Wu (fan-yin or fighting here)
8-Gate:  Jing-men (Surprise Gate, metal in nature)
8-Gods:  She (snake, fire in nature)
9-Stars:  Rui/ Qin (earth in nature, fan-yin or fighting here)
Both the time and directions are non-auspicious with an imagery of fire burning metal. 

Since the flight took longer than 2 hours, I have check the QMDJ day chart.  The results are more stunning.

The day chart is full of problems:
1.  9-Stars fu-yin  (energies not moving)
2.  8-Gates fan-yin (energies fighting each other)
3.  9-Stems fu-yin (energies not moving)  
The plane flew towards northeast direction.  Northeast palace has the worst combinations in the whole chart.  It has Si or Death Gate with Geng-metal fu-yin.  The only positive energy left there is the Lead-God Fu which is not powerful enough to neutralize the negative energies.
In terms of QMDJ, the “inauspicious” direction can be changed by flying to Ukraine and stopping-over for 2 or more hours.  This will convert the flight direction from northeast to the south, which is more “manageable” or less inauspicious. 
Finally, I would like to express my condolence to my Polish friends and students.
Ken Lai

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Dear Friends,

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Ken Lai

In Qi-Men-Dun-Jia, there are many “indicators” or imageries seen in the field for almost every aspect of 9-stars, 9-stems, 8-gods and the like. These indicators are material objects, animals, scenes, colors, different walks of life and etc. Many teachers do not place too much attention for these indicators, largely because many of these indicators or imageries are no longer found in modern life and environment.

These indicators are supposedly showing that your QMDJ application is working or in the process of working. Here I choose the two of the Ba-Men (gates) for you to get a feel of it. I have tried my best to “modernize” these indicators to fit current situations. For examples:

XIU-MEN (Living Gate, very auspicious)
When you go through xiu-men, you will see a noble person (high status) at 30 li (about 21 miles) OR see snake, rat or water creatures at 50 li (about 35 miles)

SI-MEN (Death Gate, very inauspicious)
When you go through si-men, you will see a funeral or dead people OR see crying, mourning, patient or prisoner at 20 li (about 14 miles)

For QMDJ, these indicators are “signs” for the particular QMDJ application– i.e. the user will look for these signs if the anticipated results are coming.

On the other hand, Plum Flower Divination (PF) also uses field imageries extensively. Unlike QMDJ, the imageries or signs are not prescribed. The implied meaning of an imagery can override the hexagram predictions generated by Plum Flower Divination. For example, if your client asks about the sickness of his father and you see or hear a funeral hearse passing by (even if you see the hearse on TV at that instant), a PF prediction, regardless of the hexagram generated, will be death for the patient.

For PF, field imageries that are positive will be positive for the prediction most of the time, the opposite is true for negative imageries. “Omen” can dictate the results of PF. So make sure you do not take a negative thinker along to your PF divination session!

For QMDJ, there is almost no value-judgment on the imageries other than as indicators that the QMDJ process is working or not.

Depending on your school and teacher– some insist on the signs must show up or your QMDJ applications will not work. Others do not attach much importance to it.

While QMDJ can also do divination, but it is not easy to master because there are too many formula and techniques to remember. Most people can pick up PF pretty quick and do good divinations in much shorter time and cost less money.

I have shown QMDJ can also do birth chart reading like 4P in my “Imperial QMDJ” seminar and video. But I think 4P does a better job in that aspect.

QMDJ is better and more flexible in date-selection– “everyday is a good day as long as you choose the right direction.” QMDJ date-selection is much easier to learn than traditional date-selection methods. People with knowledge of stem and branches can learn it within an hour with my “Practical Imperial QMDJ” video correspondence course.

Ken Lai

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Kings and Queens of the “Free World” said knowledge should be free. Here is my 64 pages “Imperial QMDJ Prep-Guide”. It contains:

–Basic Qi-Men-Dun-Jia terms
–Stems and Branches—building blocks of Chinese metaphysics
–Essential Chinese for Qi-Men-Dun-Jia

To get your free copy of this PDF file, simply email to kenlai88@yahoo.com before July 31, 2009. No request will be honored after the deadline.  NO junk mail will be sent to you after the PDF file.  I am too lazy or busy to do that.

I had given out this Prep-Guide for a limited time in 2005 when I first taught Imperial QMDJ. If you have already gotten that copy, you do not need this one.

Ken Lai

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