Other than money and sex, this heading should get your attention.

Feng Shui fountain is used to “enhance” the wealth water star in Flying Star Feng Shui.  Water symbolizes wealth in Feng Shui and moving water to model flowing wealth energy.  In Period 7 (1984- 2003),  the wealth star is the 7-white metal star.  For Period 8 (2004-2023), it is the 8-white earth star.

However, 7-white metal star becomes the “robber” star after 2003.  Make sure you remove your Feng Shui fountains designed for the 7-white metal star enhancement if you forget to do so.

Some people get very excited when they are told or read that Feng Shui fountain can enhance their wealth luck with proper placement.  They may think that Feng Shui fountains are like oil diggers, the more diggers (or fountains) you put out, the more oil (or wealth) one can extract from the universe.

Some people try to put as many Feng Shui fountains inside their houses as possible.  But how?  Because normally one can only put one fountain in the current Feng Shui Period’s wealth star location, it is difficult to put more than 2.

By using the concept of  “Every object has its own Tai-ji (center, universe)“,  every room in a house can be treated as a single Feng Shui entity with its own wealth star location.  In Feng Shui jargon, some people use the small Tai-ji of individual room within a house to squeeze in more Feng Shui water fountains.

I have seen people put water fountain in their bedrooms.

“Ken, cut the craps.  How does Feng Shui fountain kill us?”

According to Yi-jing (Book of Changes),  “Auspiciousness, inauspiciousness, fortune and misfortune are attributable to movements.”

Every house inevitably has some sectors or “palaces” that are auspicious and some sectors that are inauspicious. Basic Feng Shui principle is to arrange movements or activities in auspicious sectors and minimize movements in inauspicious sectors.

By putting a Feng Shui fountain in almost every sector of a house, even using the small Tai-ji trick, one will invariably put movements in a sector that should have minimal movements– like sectors with 5-yellow disaster star, 7-robber star or 2-sickness star.

Fake rock mountain is the form for 5-yellow star

When annual star like 2 or 5 lands on sector with 2 or 5 with a running water fountain, it could activate the negativity of 5-yellow disaster star.  Star combinations of 2-5, 5-5 or 5-2 are especially dangerous. Someone can get seriously sick or accident or even death.

One may misplace numerous non-movable Feng Shui paraphernalia like ki-lun, dragon-turtle, calabash or the likes without serious consequence.  But not with moving water.

Effects of moving water can be swift and merciless.

I have seen some people do DIY water-dragon (water drains network) and become sick or broke for years.

Borrowing from the “no-smoking” message from the late Yul Brynner:  “Don’t play with moving water,  whatever you do, just don’t play with moving water.

Hire an experienced Feng Shui practitioner to handle your moving water issues. If you want to keep it simple, remove all Feng Shui fountains from your house.

Ken Lai
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