000hauntedhouseHaunted house refers to houses with supernatural events like ghost disturbance.  House with inauspicious Feng Shui is a building in which the residents suffer bad luck, illness, misfortunes, accidents and the like.  Certain groups of people can live in these houses without suffering any negative effect.  In terms of Feng Shui, we say these people’s energy field (qi) is strong enough to overwhelm the negative energies or “sha-qi” (killing energy).

The people below can handle or live in houses with ghosts or bad Feng Shui:

1.  Military people

These include soldiers who handle weapons and direct combat.  It does not include support people like mess cooks or military people who only do civilian duties.  Military people posses strong “sha-qi” because of handling weapons that take lives away. 

2.  Butchers and hunters (also executioners)

These people kill animals like pigs, horses, rams, deer, cows and the like.  They carry “sha-qi” like the military people that spirits and ghosts are afraid of.  The used butcher knives and guns are good enough to scare spirits away. 

3.  True religious people

People like priests, monks, nuns and so on.  This does not include those who are not sincere and use religion as a front for other purposes.

4.  Congregation of young people like a youth hostel or dormitory

Young people are strong in “yang” or positive energy that can neutralize negative or “yin” energy like ghosts.

5.  Individuals who are strong in “yang energy”

People who are not afraid of walking in the dark and with unusual high level of courage are said to have a high level of “yang energy“.

6.  Individuals who have “hard” lives

People who either have a tough destiny of “hard” or poor lives or those who have a Bazi chart that jinxes people around them.

7.  Righteous people

Ghosts and spirits will not violate people who are like a sage or who have not done any negative thing or who do righteous activities all the time.


Ken Lai

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Note:  The following is taken from the chapter “System of void lines” in the  “Feng Shui Toolbox: Sha-qi, Health/ Wealth and Career”course manual. 

“Void line” means “out of gua” (trigram) or outside a sector.  A house sitting on void line means it has no direction and also no 5-elements “qi” coming in.  Human beings are products of yin and yang. They need 5-elements qi to survive and prosper.  So if a house is located on a void line, it implies the occupants will have little or no luck, suffer sickness, suicide, murder, mental illness, chronic sickness, robbery, bankruptcy, incest, dwindling wealth and poor familial relationship.  It is like a house sitting on top of Mt. Himalaya with insufficient oxygen for the occupants.

We definitely should NOT put a door or house-facing on a void line.

Sometimes a house becomes sitting on a void line over a period.  It could be attributed to:

  1. change of earth luck—“earth qi” or “dragon qi” runs away or expires
  2. change in external environment, like suddenly a big building or sign is built in front of your property, blocking the flow of qi into your house.
  3. change of indoor environment, like improper partitions and furniture arrangement
  4. accumulated bad karma of occupants
  5. occurrence of tragic event/s

However, temples are normally built on a void line because spirits and ghosts do not need 5-elements qi to prosper.   Spirits are “pure yang” and ghosts are “pure yin” entities.  Both do not need 5-elements qi to survive.  Specifically, temples are built on metal void line for fame and still letting their monks/ nuns survive without wealth.


Big and small void line locations.  Click to enlarge

There are different systems of void lines that can co-exist within the same house.  So a responsible Feng Shui practitioner should be familiar with the locations of these void lines.  It is not uncommon for some practitioners who have tried to remedy client’s void line problem by relocating the house to another void line!

It is recommended to stay away from plus or minus one degree from a void line, to compensate for the inaccuracy of most luopan measurements. The followings are different systems of void line: (Note:  there are 5+ types and only 2 are covered here) 


These are the borderlines between the 8 trigrams.  This is also called “big void lines“.  This is the worst type of void line and has no cure but moving away.

Borderline between Degree
Qian and kan 337.5
Kan and gen 22.5
Gen and zhen 67.5
Zhen and xun 112.5
Xun and li 157.5
Li and kun 202.5
Kun and dui 247.5
Dui and qian 292.5


These are the borderlines between 24 mountains and also known as “Indistinguishable yin-yang”. This is also called “small void lines”  that may be curable.  Consult your Feng Shui master or take the “Feng Shui Toolbox” course for remedies. 


Row houses in Britain


If you are a psychic or energy-sensitive, you may be able to “feel” or “sense” void energy.   House sits on “big void line” is easily detected by a psychic (and luopan too).  The feeling is similar to the inside of a haunted house– you feel like suffocating inside and time seems to remain static.

I was walking with a psychic student at night in an UK street with row houses 10 years ago.  Most of the houses have similar facing direction.  We had played a “feeling qi” (energy) game while walking without looking at the houses.  We would stop at the house that has different “qi” than other houses in the same street.  Eventually we had stopped in front of a house and used a luopan to measure the facing direction.  This house was is in one of the “24 mountains void lines” or small void line!  Then we looked at the house– it had a “for sale” sign.  The house was empty.

Maybe some day I can leak the secrets of feeling “qi” without being a psychic to you.

Ken Lai

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The Chinese character for “exorcism” is voted as the “hardest Chinese ever” by a website.

This character has 60 strokes with 11 “components” (prefixes and suffixes). Here is a break down of these components:

sun : stands for yang
moon: stands for yin
rope: stands for relationship, tangling, connected
speech/word: stands for communication
stem: stands for weapon, conflict, fight
senior/ length: power, elder, authority
horse: action, speed
spear: stands for weapon, conflict, fight
heart: motivation, mental, belief

When rope + word + rope + heart come together, it means clinging, relationship and/or love.

When stem + spear come together, it means conflict and war.

With all these components, you can have a mental picture of yin-yang clashes involving mental images and conflict.

According to Chinese experts, there are 60,000- 80,000 individual Chinese characters. Most are rarely used in daily life. One needs to master 3000 common Chinese characters to have the literacy of a Chinese high school graduate.

Many characters used in Daoist talismans are similar to the “exorcism” word above. For example, the word that means “the death of a ghost” has the power of driving ghost away if it is written according to Daoist rituals and activation. So the “exorcism” word above is likely be usable as a talisman if properly activated by a Daoist priest.

Ken Lai

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A few days ago, the Hai-Kou city of Hai-nan Island of China, has announced that they will no longer use the number 4 for their car license plate registrations.

The officials maintain that citizen does not like the number four.

“Four” sounds “si” in Chinese. It also sounds like “death” in Chinese too.

Superstition? It is all about “Yi-tou“, a Chinese term that is difficult to translate into English. It is something like “building up a premonition”— in this case, an inauspicious premonition– to see a number that reminds you of death.

The word “death” can also mean failure in Chinese.

This is similar to westerners’ dislike of the number 13.

The Tramp Tower, if I remember right, has no 13th floor. Similar thing found in some buildings in Hong Kong or China, there is no 4th or 14th floor. It is harder to sell units in the 4th and 14th floor of a building.

In the case of 14th floor, the meaning is even worse– it sounds like “guaranteed death” (or doomed!) in Chinese sound.

On the other hand, the number 7 which is regarded lucky in the west, is not that lucky in Chinese custom.

“7” is a unit of counting for the number of days that a person had died. We have “the first 7” to mean someone had died 7 days (with a special ceremony). At the 49th days (4 x 7) there will be another ceremony for the departed.

Here is a little known secret about the number 7— house street address with the number 7 (e.g.: xxx7) or the numbers of the a street number total 7 (e.g. 124= 1+2+4 =7) , has high probability of being haunted or found with ghost inside the house.

Ken Lai

Note: The following was written on Sept. 28, 2001

I have been placing my Luopans pointing at “Chen” direction (heaven gate) for a while. All my Luopans are “activated” by rotating clockwise 3 times above a fire.

This afternoon at around 12:30, I took my backup Luopan down to my basement. After passing down an 18 ft. carpeted staircase with walls, a very bad smell, much worse than sewage smell, suddenly filled in the lower region of the staircase.

My first instinct was to check the furnace, gas stoves, bathrooms, and all the electrical appliances, to make sure that they were not burning or leaking gas. They were all OK or not turned on.

I could not locate the source of the smell. But it was just regionalized in the staircase area.

Then I thought it must be power of Luopan which scared or drove a ghost or some spirits away. I had read books about the manifestation of ghosts as foul smell. Master Chang Tai-I said luopan has the mystical power of wading off evil.

So what did I do then? I packed my Luopans and got the hell out of my house, to make sure my
Luopans not damaged by these erratic energies.

I returned home at the evening, pulled out my Luopan and walked around my house. Nothing abnormal happen.

Kind of strange, my money luck is pretty good today after the ghost was gone.

Ken Lai

The following was written on Nov 2, 2002

Void line is an advanced topic rarely discussed in detail even in Chinese Feng Shui books. Yet it has important effects on the Feng Shui of a house. So I’ll post this on the lists that I know of.

It is damn simple and no need to mystery it– the borderline between two guas (trigrams) or mountains is the void line.

A. Big Void Lines: 8 lines total, the borders between the 8 trigrams (qian, kan, gen, zhen, xun, li, kun, dui) are the “big void lines”.

B. Small Void Lines: 24 lines total, the borders between the 24 mountains (ren, zi, gui, chou, gen, and so on).

C. Turtle Shell or Gui Jia Void lines: 8 lines total, details not disclosed here

The border line of any 2 gua or 2 mountains is like a no-man’s land– its neither yang nor yin. In one short sentence to describe why void line sucks– it has NO qi coming.

The cornerstone of Feng Shui is the qi theory. All living things need qi (wuxing) to survive and run their life cycles. Qi brings both good and bad fortune to people. When one lives on a void line and receives no or little qi, his/ her fortune will be negative.

Who can live on void lines? Spirits, ghosts and gods are not restricted by wuxing and yang-yin (do not need qi), so churches and temples can be built on void lines. Some famous Chinese temples are built on certain type of void line (metal void line).

One should avoid the big void lines at any cost– only temples and churches can handle it. Small void lines are more manageable. But avoid it nonetheless. It is not uncommon for new houses or houses that have been vacant for 2+ years to be on small void lines. When people move in and remodeling done, the angle will shift.

However, if your neighborhood has changes like the adding of new water towers, cellular tower, big signs, new roads, new big building changing the flow of qi… and the likes, the sitting of your house may shift to small void line. One should check the sitting and facing of his/her house at least once every 3 years.

Ken Lai

Note: The following blog was written on Sept. 25, 2001

I have learned this technique from Master Chang Tai-I, to regenerate a Luopan after it has

crapped out.

Master Chang’s “San Xuan Nine Palace” Feng Shui is very Luopan-intensive. During our field
trips, it was not unusual to have half of our Luopans (10+) out of action after measuring a bad qi-mouth like the “ghost gate”, in which the Luopan needles spinning like crazy, gave opposite
reading, or simply stopped moving. In some cases, the Luopan is permanently damaged.

It’s scary when you see the Luopan needle spin like crazy (ghost? evil spirits?). It is more scary
than ghost when you realize it will cost you couple hundred bucks to replace your Luopan.
Here is the Luopan regeneration secret:

(Make sure the luopan sit on a wooden desk or table)
1. Set the red line of your Luopan to “Chen” (dragon) direction.
2. Slowly adjust the whole luopan (not the dial) until the needle aligns to the N-S axis.
3. Leave the luopan pointing “chen” (dragon) palace overnight.

This will normally get the luopan back to normal. In severe cases, set it at this direction for a few

Also store your luopan this way, on a flat wooden surface, pointing Chen.

Why Chen direction? Chen is the “heaven gate”.

I have tested this method with a few luopans, even with one that was not operative, all come back to life and work. Just don’t ask me why.

Bonus Luopan Secret:
This is how to “activate’ your Luopan’s metaphysical power of (wading off evil power):
1. Set up a small fire (or candles or incense sticks).
2. Holding your luopan and revolving it on the top of the fire clockwise for 3 times (or any odd
number of times).

That’s it!

These are secrets from a very traditional and Daoist) Master.

Ken Lai

Note: The following blog was written in July 14, 2006

I’ve been in Malaysia for quite a few days, enjoying the
hospitality and free sauna (hot weather) here.

My first stop is Penang, a city that is about a 5 hours
drive from Kuala Lumpur. Penang has many temples and
mosques. It used to be a booming town with major American
electronic firms operating here. It is also a strange
place located in NE but declining economically instead of

I met a young master there and we went do a charitable FS
audit. We were warned that the house is haunted. The
couple living there has frequent quarrels and financially
is doing very poorly.

Normally when I hear the word “haunted”, I’ll tell anyone
to walk away and don’t be a fallen “hero”.
But I think this may be my karma debt to do it, so I go
with heavy protection gear— daoist talismans, blessed
water, activated buddha and daoist deities pixes and more.

To provide more safety for us, we choose wu hour (horse
hour), the most yang time of the day to do the audit.

The young master is a psychic and can “see” and communicate
with deities and ghost. I can “feel” the presence of

The haunted house has some banana trees in the tiger side
of the house. It is a ghost-magnet and my partner can see
ghosts in that area.

We first check the external environment for form shas and
then inside every room for bed arrangements and ghost.

The bedrooms look very dim even at noon when the sun is
very fierce. We told the client to remove the window
curtains to let yang qi coming in.

Client’s daughter said she heard crying at night. The
husband even sees an old woman apparition. Their neighbors
said they see “people” congregate around the banana trees
at late nights.

We found the daughter has witchcraft books inside her room
which is also very dim. We have re-arranged her bed,
burned some talismans to remove the yin energy and left.

We tried to go into the guest room. The door locked by
itself and cannot be opened. Later the husband of the
house jam-opened it. The room is occupied by the ghost of
an old woman. She is not hostile and has every right to be
there, so we leave each other alone.

Then we entered the master bedroom. I stood at the side
near the location of banana tree. I suddenly felt choking.
My partner saw a male ghost with smashed face. He
communicated with him. The ghost was died of traffic
accident 10+ years ago and had lived in this house. He
felt bittered and stuck in this dimension.

My partner tried to convince him to go to the “other side”,
but he had refused. So my partner has invited Laughing
Buddha to get him to other side. We have burnt some
talismans to cleanse and bless the room.

We were about to leave this room and I felt someone push my
back. I thought, “darn! the ghost comes back or another
one coming?”

My partner found this is not a ghost but the earth-god or
deity of this household. For some strange reasons, this
earth-deity wants to leave this house after seeing the
crash-victim ghost leaving. He asked my partner as
“witness” to see him go.

After settled all the ghost business, we checked other
parts of the house, esp. the kitchen. There is a bathroom
inside the kitchen and share the same door (entrance),
which is very bad healthwise for the woman of the house.

Normally I try not to do wealth-enhancing but focusing on
removing and avoiding shas, but this couple needs financial
boost quick, so me and my partner did an indoor “5-ghost
carry money” setup for the couple.

We told the woman to chop down the banana trees.

I had stomach problems for a few days after this audit.
This is why I rarely pick up FS jobs now because I suffer
physical ailments after the jobs.

After a week, the husband told us the banana trees were
chopped down, but the wife wants to put one in a pot in
another location! Husband is very mad.

I went to Kuala Lumpur for a few days and did quite a few
charitable FS audits. Over 70% of the cases that we ran
into have ghosts inside. In one case we met a woman who
was possessed by a ghost for over 10 years. She has
strange sickness and no medical doctor can find the problem
or cure.

When she met us and the ghost inside suddenly manifested in
front of us and shown strange face muscle and hand

My partner’s face turned green.

I thought, “Should I run or stay?”

Well, since this is a charitable case, we cannot run. If
it is a paid job, we’ll simply run and return the money.

My partner stood at the back of the woman, grabbed the top
part of her head with one hand and another hand grabbing her
shoulder and chanting the “Great Compassion Mantra”.

The possessed woman also sang the same mantra and doing
very elaborate and complicated mudra (hand gesture) that
are clearly Guan-yin mudra.

I thought,”is she possessed by Guan-yin?” Will we violate
Guan-yin if we busting this “ghost”?

After about 20 minutes, the possessed woman subsided down
and become “normal” again.

This woman lives in a house in front of a T-junction and
next to a Chinese temple.

She is a very devoted guan-yin worshiper and can chant for
hours and forgets everything.

My partner said the ghost or spirit has some grudges
against Guan-yin, something like prayers not answered and
become very frustrated and negative.

So if we use western perspective to look at this woman, it
may be something like she prays to Guan-yin a lot and does
not get her prayers answered, lives in very tough
conditions and gradually blaming Guan-yin for not helping.
This “negative thoughtform” becomes an entity in itself and
attacking the woman.

Back to this poor woman— we decide to get rid of this
ghost for her and do an exorcism. We must be crazy that

In fact, a few years ago, I’d dreamed of a woman blaming
Guan-yin for not answering her prayers but did not dream of
doing exorcism.

We put her in a chair and my partner and me work as a team.

My partner is younger and a bachelor. He does not want to
take care of my 3 kids, one wife and 8 fishes if I die
fighting ghost. So he can die if shit happens. He did the
hard part of fighting and driving out the spirit. I’ll do
the backup support in case he falls down.

The whole scene is like the movie “Exorcist”– I played the
old priest, reciting “Golden Light Incantations” and using
sword-finger to strike at the ghost in the background. My
younger partner circled around the woman doing
“sword-finger” and other gestures (without touching) at
the woman.

It was a tense 20 minutes and we don’t know what will come
out of the whole thing. Eventually strange noises and
vomiting coming out of the woman and her face turns

Thank god this ghost did not spit at us like Linda Blair.

Unlike the movie, my young partner does not jumped out of
the building. The older guy (me) does not have a
heart-attack (yet).

Her relative said she have not looked like this peaceful
and calm for over ten years.

But she is still afraid that the ghost will come back.

We have assured her that it won’t (hopefully) since
Guan-yin had taken the spirit away.

I know all these sounds like fiction. But if you do FS in
Malaysia, you probably need to learn how to handle ghosts
and spirits.

There are many more inspirational and supernatural things
that I see here, but it will be another long story.

I’ll be in Singapore in early Sept. teaching Imperial QMDJ
Practical and 4P Bootcamp.

Be a good boy or gal, think positive and then no ghost will
attack you :.))

Ken Lai