It’s over a month and no one answers the questions from my previous blog on “Mad rush to deposit money...” in the Spring Solstice day.   Below are my answers to close this case.

Can you figure out the logic behind why specific hour for deposit money is good for person with certain animal sign? Is the logic correct or not?    

Answer:  The “very auspicious” option is based on “6-combinations” or “semi-San-he (3-unities)” between depositor and hour animal signs.  The “auspicious” options are just between animal signs that have no clash.  The logic is marginally correct. Combinations assume “friends” and friends will help you with money.  This is a very risky assumption because friends will also take your money and run. In Chinese metaphysics like Bazi, friends are under the category of Bi-jian (比肩,parallel) and Jie-cai (劫财,wealth-robber).  The act of depositing or “giving” money to your banker is like being “robbed“.  To turn the table around, you should withdraw money and not deposit money during the Spring Solstice day.  So the banker gives you money or he is being “robbed” by you.  This is a symbolic gesture of “making money” during an auspicious day.  Anyway,  you still look stupid waiting in a long line to deposit or withdraw money during that day.

Can Does wearing a red top make sense or just BS?

Answer:  Red color means celebration in Chinese culture.  Wearing a red top is for your banker to celebrate you bring him the money.  If not, this is just BS.

Can you guess the background of the person(s) who cooked up this table? 
Answer:  Either someone with bank stocks or the banker association.

Can you make this “animal sign/ deposit” table more logical and comply with rules of  Chinese metaphysics?  So that it may somehow work.
Answer:  Yes, it is pretty simple.  In Chinese metaphysics, what you control is your wealth.  By applying this principle to animal signs like the following:

For people with:
Rat or pig sign,  deposit/ withdraw money during snake or horse hour or day
Tiger or rabbit sign, deposit/ withdraw money during dragon, dog, ox, ram hour or day
Dragon, dog, ox or ram sign, deposit/ withdraw money during rat or pig hour or day
Snake or horse sign, deposit/ withdraw money during rooster or monkey hour or day
Monkey or rooster sign, deposit/ withdraw money during tiger or rabbit hour or day

With the above data, you do not need to force yourself lining up to deposit or withdraw money in a Spring Solstice day. You can do it in any one of your wealth days or wealth hours.  Here is a little secret for you:  your chance of winning lotto or slot machine will be higher if you withdraw your money during your wealth day and hour and use that money to buy the lotto or play the slot  (To keep the winning coming, donate 15- 25% of your winning to charity).

Ken Lai

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