dominant_hubbyOriginally, I want to use the word “control” instead of “manage“.  But “control” sounds manipulative and politically incorrect….

Ladies!  Today is your lucky day if your husband drives you nuts or bosses you around.  The cavalry is coming to your rescue with this little taught husband management Feng Shui.  It is based on simple Form Feng Shui theory of green dragon and white tiger (not elaborated here, take my “Visual Form Feng Shui” course if you want to know more).


1.  Too many furniture is put in the left side of your house

Fix:  move some furniture to the right side of your house; make it a balance if you want an egalitarian relationship

2.  Most activities taking place in left side of your house

Fix:  arrange more activities to the right side of your house

3.  Bedroom door is in left side of bed

Fix:  move your bed so that the door is at the right side

4.  Bedroom location is close to a road with traffic

Fix:  relocate your bedroom

5.  Stove has no support mountain (back side of stove is a window)

Fix:  relocate your stove to place it with a wall at its back

6.  Husband sleeps close to window side or open side of the bed (this will increase his peach-blossom and authority)

Fix:  switching sleeping location with husband

7.  Toilet in southwest side (SW represents woman of the house)

Fix:  stop using this toilet or at least keeping it clean


Below house features will contribute to male chauvinism to a marriage.  Avoid these features when buying a house.  If you have already bought the house, consult a Feng Shui teacher or take my “Visual Form Feng Shui” course for remedies.

  • Southwest side of your house is a missing corner
  • Northwest side of your house has a big protrusion
  • Left side of your house is much bigger than right side
  • House on top of a hill (no support and makes husband more dogmatic)

husband_beaterKen, do you have “wife management Feng Shui“?  Woman can be bossy too.”

Smart men can see this is a BOGO  article with “wife management Feng Shui” already embedded.  Simple do the opposite of the list above, like change right back to left or northwest to southwest.

May the Auspicious Qi  be with you.

Ken Lai 

© 2018 Ken Lai, all rights reserved.

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Three imperatives of Feng Shui are: main door, master
bedroom and stove.

There are many ways to manipulate the door to
re-direct qi flow to the house– tilt it or move it
around. We FS guys have been toying with the front
door for centuries.

There are also many ways to move the stove around to
achieve health, wealth and luck concerns. Ba Zhai or
8-mansions school is the more familiar one.

Obviously, FS guys would move the bed around like they
do with doors and stoves. How come we have not seen
much about bed Feng Shui in the west?

So, what can we do to the master bedroom to improve
the life of its occupants since one-third of their
lives are spent on the bed?

There are some familiar form FS restrictions about
bedroom, like no mirror, no lamp or fan hang above the
bed, no setting bed in front of windows, no sharp
objects under your bed, no skylight above your bed, no
double-doors for bedroom, …..

There are many ways to set up a bed to improve spousal
relationship, to improve luck, to promote fertility
and to improve health. The followings are some major

1. Ba Zhai bed-setting
This is the easiest one– setting the bed according to
your ming gua.

2. San He bed-setting
This method is for giving birth to male baby using San
He theories based on husband’s 4P.

3. “8-door addition” bed-setting
This method using Qi Men’s 8 doors methodology to
improve one’s luck.

4. San Yuan Qi Men bed-setting
This method uses Qi Men Dun Jia to set bed and is a
pretty complicated method.

5. 9-stars bed-setting
This method is a piece of cake for people who know
flying star method. It helps improve spousal
relationship and even solves health problems that is
caused by bed and bedroom door locations. With
misguided intention, this method can be used to
control your spouse.

6. Pillowing on “Tai Yang” (Great Male) bed-setting
This method is for giving birth of male baby by
locating the “Tai Yang” position on your bed, have
your wife laying on it and do your baby-making
procedure there. The opposite of this method is “Tai
Yin” (Great Female), which locates the “Tai Yin”
position on your bed, is for getting baby girl.

A word of caution: If your client has pregnant woman
in the house, DO NOT MOVE THEIR BED!!

Ken Lai