Lord Che,  plague fighter

Do you want to “invite” a saint or deity with proven records fighting plagues like the coronavirus?

I have searched everywhere for this ideal deity with little success.  But it is really “no place like home“.  I found one in the backyard of my hometown– Hong Kong.  This deity is “Lord Che“.  Below is a brief historical description:

“Che Kung (Chinese: 車公; pinyin: Chēgōng; literally: ‘Lord Che’), also known as Che Da Yuan Shuai (車大元帥; ‘Che, the Great Warrior’) was originally a military commander of Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279), who, according to lore, had supreme power to suppress rebellion and was renowned for his loyalty to the Emperor.  He was also famous for his power to suppress plagues and his skill in medicine.

……during an epidemic that broke out in Sha Tin (Hong Kong) in the late Ming dynasty (1368–1644), possibly the epidemic of 1629, local residents found out from historical writings that Che Kung was not only merited for his successful suppression of uprisings, but was also known for clearing epidemics wherever he set foot in. People therefore built a temple to house Che Kung in Sha Tin, and the epidemic subsided on the day the construction of the temple was completed.” (From Wikipedia)


Lord Che Temple, Sha Tin (Hong Kong)


As to Lord Che’s recent track plague fighting records, Hong Kong had survived the 2003 SARS.  Hong Kong people currently are fighting the coronavirus with flying colors even with the burden of an inert pro-China government.  Many Hong Kongers would likely say, “Thank you Lord Che for your protection”.

How can you invite Lord Che to your home or town for protection from the virus?   Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Move cursor over the above photo of Lord Che and click CTRL and S keys at the same time to save the file into your computer.  This picture is digitally consecrated and spirit of Lord Che is embedded into the image.
  2. Print the file.
  3. To activate the picture, do a kind deed like feeding a stray animal or making a small donation to charity (preferably to an animal protection/ rescue charity because the coronavirus is likely spread by human eating of certain wild animals)
  4. Put the picture of Lord Che in your altar.  If you do not have an altar, put the picture in a picture frame and hang it on a wall facing your main door.  Alternatively, you may print wallet-sized picture of Lord Che and carry it around with you.
  5. You may make offering of flower and food once or twice a month.   Make offer of tea/ water and/or incense everyday.
  6. Pray to Lord Che for protection from virus and illnesses.

Remember you still need to wash your hands often and stay away from crowds.

Good Luck and stay home!

Ken Lai

© 2020 Ken Lai, all rights reserved.