1. In Feng Shui, northwest is metal in nature and represents lungs.  It dislikes fire to burn it.  Check the NW side of your home, remove items that represent fire– red items, heater and strong light fixtures from there.
  2. Remove horse and snake/ reptile pictures and figurines from NW side.  These items are fire in nature in Feng Shui.corona2
  3. If your kitchen is in NW, it already implies hurting lungs of the residents.  The remedy is to put a ceramic pot or flower vase there. It should not be empty. Fill it up with clean sand or white pebbles (do not fill if you want your hubby has some extra-marital fun).
  4. For the Year of Rat (2020), the annual 5-disaster star is in the east and 2-sickness star is in the south. Avoid staying in these 2 areas for too long. Put in metal (brass/ copper) remedy in these areas. This is especially important if your main door is in the east or south!
  5. Avoid going out during wu or horse day and/ or hour (11-13:00) when the day/ hour is fire in nature and clashing Grand Duke (Tai-sui).  Probability of catching the virus is high during these times.
  6. If you know Flying Star Feng Shui, avoid staying in area with 2-5, 5-2, 9-5, 5-9, 2-9 and 9-2 flying stars.

The most dangerous time periods in the Year of Rat for infection are:

  1. wu or horse hour (daily 11:00- 13:00)
  2. wu or horse day (once every 12 days)
  3. mao or rabbit month (Feb. 5 to April 4, 2020), east direction, especially during wu-day or 3/16, 3/28, 4/3
  4. wu or horse month (June 5 to July 5, 2020), west direction, especially during wu-day or 6/8, 6/20, 7/2  <most critical month>
  5. zi or rat month (Dec. 7, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021), east direction, especially during wu-day or 12/17, 12/20

Of course, you still need to:

  • Wear a face-mask
  • Wash your hands often
  • Avoid big crowds

If you need some divine help, come back later to get a  talisman for protection from plague and virus. 



  1. 西北方在風水屬金也代表肺, 忌火喜土生. 撿視你家西北方是否紅色物品太多, 如家人常患呼吸病, 移去過多火類物品如燈火暖爐.
  2. 移去在西北方馬與蛇類塑像或圖片, 因它們屬火傷肺.
  3. 如廚房在西北方,已代表傷肺. 放一瓦花樽作化解, 樽内放滿小白石或泥土.
  4. 2020鼠年, 五黃災病星在東, 二黑病星在南, 避免在這些地方留太久. 放銅器皿化解.
  5. 避免午日午時出行, 午時是 11:00-13:00, 午是馬,冲鼠太歲, 容易發生意外或染菌.


  • 每日馬時 (11:-13:00)
  • 馬日 (每12日一次)
  • 卯月 (Feb. 5 to April 4, 2020)東方, 特别是午日東方 (3/16, 3/28, 4/3)
  • 午月 (June 5 to July 5, 2020)西方. 特别是午日西方 (6/8, 6/20, 7/2)<高危月>
  • 子月 (Dec. 7, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021)東方, 特别是午日東方 (12/17, 12/20)


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