A picture is better than a thousand words.  You get essential Feng Shui guidance for 2020 in a glance here.  Ignore the additional notes and free Bazi guide below if you are busy or lazy (but it may save your life or marriage).


People with rat and horse animal sign should avoid seeing corpse being put into coffin or lowering into the ground.

Remedy for 5-yellow disaster and 2-black sickness star– copper or brass objects.  No fire or red object and avoid movement in these regions.

Northwest region is good for money this year.  Sleep or sit there more often to attract wealth.

People born in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014 with horse animal sign clash Grand Duke this year.  This could mean:

  • moving
  • promotion or demotion
  • major illness
  • travels
  • funeral
  • accident/ death

Actually people with wu (horse) day-branch in their Bazi charts are in more danger than animal sign clashing Grand Duke.  They are:  Jia-wu, bing-wu, wu-wu, geng-wu, and ren-wu day pillars.  Day-branch stands for spouse palace.  This may mean marital problems (if married, spouse may leave or die) but also means getting married if single.  Zi and wu are both peach-blossom elements, so the probability of affairs is pretty high.  If it is not affair, traffic accidents are likely to happen.

In fact, any Bazi chart with Jia-wu, bing-wu, wu-wu, geng-wu, and ren-wu pillars in any pillar of their Bazi chart have some troubles in terms of the family members each pillar represents.  To find if your chart has any one of these pillars, key in your birthday here:

People with Jia-wu and Bing-wu  day-pillars in their Bazi charts better pray more because their day-pillar fanyin Grand Duke (clashing 2020 Grand Duke from stem to branch).  This could mean major sickness, accident or disaster to the person or his/her spouse.  Avoid taking risks/ major decisions, attending funeral, visiting the sick in hospitals and unnecessary travels for this year of rat (2/4/2020- 2/2/2021).

Similarly, people with mao or rabbit animal sign in any of their pillars (including luck pillars) need to be more careful because mao and zi form a penalty.  It is one of the 3 penalties (yin-si-shen, xu-chou-wei and zi-mao).  The worst one is at the day-branch because it affects the daymaster (DM) or his/her spouse.  Zi-mao penalty may involve affairs resulting in losing wealth or lawsuit, accidents and legal problems.

If your chart already has wu, mao and you in the natal chart or with the luck pillars– be very careful this year because your annual luck brings the zi to form zi-wu-mao-you 4-cardinal clash.  It is like 4 forty-feet container trucks hitting you from four directions.  Consult your Bazi reader or take these courses:

“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 2: Basic Bazi Therapy w/18 hr. HD video
“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 3 w/ Advanced Bazi Therapy w/18 hr. HD video

One remedy for the above Grand Duke clash is to get a Grand Duke talisman from your local Daoist temple or from me (please check back later).

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