movingMenThe table below shows the auspicious days to move to a new residence or building in 2020.  It is based on traditional Chinese calendar converted to western dates.

1.  Choose a date.
2.  Make sure the date chosen does not clash the Chinese birth animal sign of the principal or breadwinner of the household.  Here are the clashing animal pairs: ram/ ox, rat/ horse, rabbit/ rooster, tiger/ monkey, snake/ pig and dragon/ dog.  

If you have to move in a day that clash your animal sign, find someone with animal sign that combines with the animal sign of the moving day to help you moving  Below are animals that combine with each other. 

rat and ox, ram and horse, monkey and snake, dog and rabbit, dragon and rooster, pig and tiger.

For example, if you have ram animal sign and the only good day that you can move is an ox day.  Find a friend with rat animal sign to help moving
3.  “Sha location” or direction is the negative energy location of the day.  This direction is relative to your current location.  If you have taken my Qi-men-dun-jia course, you can easily convert a negative direction into non-negative or even positive. 


DATE Week day Clash/ sha location
2020/01/03 Friday Pig/east
2020/01/12 Sunday Monkey/ north
2020/01/16 Thursday Rat/ north
2020/01/24 Friday Monkey/ north
2020/01/27 Monday Pig/east
2020/02/06 Thursday Rooster/ west
2020/02/09 Sunday Rat/ north
2020/02/14 Friday Snake/ west
2020/02/22 Saturday Ox/ west
2020/03/01 Sunday Rooster/ west
2020/03/05 Thursday Ox/ west
2020/03/06 Friday Tiger/ south
2020/03/09 Monday Snake/ west
2020/03/11 Wednesday Ram/ east
2020/03/17 Tuesday Ox/ west
2020/03/23 Monday Ram/ east
2020/04/01 Wednesday Dragon/ north
2020/04/02 Thursday Snake/ west
2020/04/05 Sunday Monkey/ north
2020/04/20 Monday Pig/east
2020/04/24 Friday Rabbit/ east
2020/04/29 Wednesday Monkey/ north
2020/05/02 Saturday Pig/east
2020/05/05 Tuesday Tiger/ south
2020/05/06 Wednesday Rabbit/ east
2020/05/15 Friday Rat/ north
2020/05/18 Monday Rabbit/ east
2020/05/19 Tuesday Dragon/ north
2020/05/21 Thursday Horse/ south
2020/05/23 Saturday Monkey/ north
2020/05/25 Monday Dog/ south
2020/05/30 Saturday Rabbit/ east
2020/06/02 Tuesday Horse/ south
2020/06/06 Saturday Dog/ south
2020/06/07 Sunday Pig/east
2020/06/10 Wednesday Tiger/ south
2020/06/12 Friday Dragon/ north
2020/06/18 Thursday Dog/ south
2020/06/19 Friday Pig/east
2020/06/22 Monday Tiger/ south
2020/06/24 Wednesday Dragon/ north
2020/06/25 Thursday Snake/ west
2020/06/30 Tuesday Dog/ south
2020/07/03 Friday Ox/ west
2020/07/04 Saturday Tiger/ south
2020/07/07 Tuesday Snake/ west
2020/07/10 Friday Monkey/ north
2020/07/11 Saturday Rooster/ west
2020/07/16 Thursday Tiger/ south
2020/07/22 Wednesday Monkey/ north
2020/07/23 Thursday Rooster/ west
2020/07/25 Saturday Pig/east
2020/07/27 Monday Ox/ west
2020/07/31 Friday Snake/ west
2020/08/03 Monday Monkey/ north
2020/08/04 Tuesday Rooster/ west
2020/08/12 Wednesday Snake/ west
2020/08/13 Thursday Horse/ south
2020/08/18 Tuesday Pig/east
2020/08/20 Thursday Ox/ west
2020/08/23 Sunday Dragon/ north
2020/08/25 Tuesday Horse/ south
2020/08/28 Friday Rooster/ west
2020/08/29 Saturday Dog/ south
2020/09/01 Tuesday Ox/ west
2020/09/02 Wednesday Tiger/ south
2020/09/07 Monday Ram/ east
2020/09/10 Thursday Dog/ south
2020/09/11 Friday Pig/east
2020/09/14 Monday Tiger/ south
2020/09/16 Wednesday Dragon/ north
2020/09/26 Saturday Tiger/ south
2020/10/01 Thursday Ram/ east
2020/10/04 Sunday Dog/ south
2020/10/08 Thursday Tiger/ south
2020/10/10 Saturday Dragon/ north
2020/10/11 Sunday Snake/ west
2020/10/18 Sunday Rat/ north
2020/10/27 Monday Rooster/ west
2020/10/30 Friday Rat/ north
2020/11/03 Tuesday Dragon/ north
2020/11/04 Wednesday Snake/ west
2020/11/07 Saturday Monkey/ north
2020/11/08 Sunday Rooster/ west
2020/11/09 Monday Dog/ south
2020/11/11 Wednesday Rat/ north
2020/11/19 Thursday Monkey/ north
2020/11/20 Friday Rooster/ west
2020/11/23 Monday Rat/ north
2020/11/29 Sunday Horse/ south
2020/12/01 Tuesday Monkey/ north
2020/12/02 Wednesday Rooster/ west
2020/12/05 Saturday Rat/ north
2020/12/07 Monday Tiger/ south
2020/12/10 Thursday Snake/ west
2020/12/16 Wednesday Pig/east
2020/12/18 Friday Ox/ west
2020/12/19 Saturday Tiger/ south
2020/12/28 Monday Pig/east


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