The table below shows the auspicious days to get married in 2020 based on traditional Chinese calendar converted to western dates.marry


  1. Choose a date.
  2. Make sure the date chosen does not clash the Chinese birth animal sign of the couple.  If it clashes the parent/s of the couple, the remedy is to make sure the parent/s do not enter the church/ ceremonial place with the couple (enter later).  Here are the clashing animal pairs: ram/ ox, rat/ horse, rabbit/ rooster, tiger/ monkey, snake/ pig and dragon/ dog. 
  3. Sha location” or direction is the negative energy location of the day.  The couple does not drive or walk towards that direction in that day.


DATE Week day Clash/ Sha location
2020/01/03 Friday Pig/east
2020/01/08 Wednesday Dragon/ north
2020/01/13 Monday Rooster/ west
2020/01/14 Tuesday Dog/ south
2020/01/16 Thursday Rat/ north
2020/01/25 Saturday Rooster/ west
2020/01/27 Monday Pig/east
2020/01/28 Tuesday Rat/ north
2020/01/30 Thursday Tiger/ south
2020/02/01 Saturday Dragon/ north
2020/02/02 Sunday Snake/ west
2020/02/09 Sunday Rat/ north
2020/02/10 Monday Ox/ west
2020/02/12 Wednesday Rabbit/ east
2020/02/15 Saturday Horse/ south
2020/02/18 Tuesday Rooster/ west
2020/02/22 Saturday Ox/ west
2020/02/24 Monday Rabbit/ east
2020/03/01 Sunday Rooster/ west
2020/03/02 Monday Dog/ south
2020/03/05 Thursday Ox/ west
2020/03/08 Sunday Dragon/ north
2020/03/10 Tuesday Horse/ south
2020/03/13 Friday Rooster/ west
2020/03/16 Monday Rat/ north
2020/03/17 Tuesday Ox/ west
2020/03/23 Monday Ram/ east
2020/03/29 Sunday Ox/ west
2020/04/01 Wednesday Dragon/ north
2020/04/03 Friday Horse/ south
2020/04/05 Sunday Monkey/ north
2020/04/09 Thursday Rat/ north
2020/04/17 Friday Monkey/ north
2020/04/19 Sunday Dog/ south
2020/04/24 Friday Rabbit/ east
2020/04/29 Wednesday Monkey/ north
2020/04/30 Thursday Rooster/ west
2020/05/03 Sunday Rat/ north
2020/05/07 Thursday Dragon/ north
2020/05/12 Tuesday Rooster/ west
2020/05/15 Friday Rat/ north
2020/05/17 Sunday Tiger/ south
2020/05/18 Monday Rabbit/ east
2020/05/19 Tuesday Dragon/ north
2020/05/21 Thursday Horse/ south
2020/05/23 Saturday Monkey/ north
2020/05/25 Monday Dog/ south
2020/05/27 Wednesday Rat/ north
2020/05/30 Saturday Rabbit/ east
2020/06/02 Tuesday Horse/ south
2020/06/07 Sunday Pig/east
2020/06/09 Tuesday Ox/ west
2020/06/10 Wednesday Tiger/ south
2020/06/11 Thursday Rabbit/ east
2020/06/15 Monday Ram/ east
2020/06/18 Thursday Dog/ south
2020/06/22 Monday Tiger/ south
2020/06/23 Tuesday Rabbit/ east
2020/06/24 Wednesday Dragon/ north
2020/06/27 Saturday Ram/ east
2020/06/30 Tuesday Dog/ south
2020/07/01 Wednesday Pig/east
2020/07/03 Friday Ox/ west
2020/07/10 Friday Monkey/ north
2020/07/13 Monday Pig/east
2020/07/16 Thursday Tiger/ south
2020/07/17 Friday Rabbit/ east
2020/07/18 Saturday Dragon/ north
2020/07/22 Wednesday Monkey/ north
2020/07/23 Thursday Rooster/ west
2020/07/25 Saturday Pig/east
2020/07/27 Monday Ox/ west
2020/07/28 Tuesday Tiger/ south
2020/07/29 Wednesday Rabbit/ east
2020/07/30 Thursday Dragon/ north
2020/08/03 Monday Monkey/ north
2020/08/04 Tuesday Rooster/ west
2020/08/07 Friday Rat/ north
2020/08/08 Saturday Ox/ west
2020/08/09 Sunday Tiger/ south
2020/08/11 Tuesday Dragon/ north
2020/08/13 Thursday Horse/ south
2020/08/16 Sunday Rooster/ west
2020/08/18 Tuesday Pig/east
2020/08/19 Wednesday Rat/ north
2020/08/20 Thursday Ox/ west
2020/08/21 Friday Tiger/ south
2020/08/25 Tuesday Horse/ south
2020/08/28 Friday Rooster/ west
2020/08/29 Saturday Dog/ south
2020/08/31 Monday Rat/ north
2020/09/01 Tuesday Ox/ west
2020/09/07 Monday Ram/ east
2020/09/11 Friday Pig/east
2020/09/12 Saturday Rat/ north
2020/09/14 Monday Tiger/ south
2020/09/19 Saturday Ram/ east
2020/09/22 Tuesday Dog/ south
2020/09/24 Thursday Rat/ north
2020/09/26 Saturday Tiger/ south
2020/10/01 Thursday Ram/ east
2020/10/04 Sunday Dog/ south
2020/10/06 Tuesday Rat/ north
2020/10/08 Thursday Tiger/ south
2020/10/10 Saturday Dragon/ north
2020/10/17 Saturday Pig/east
2020/10/18 Sunday Rat/ north
2020/10/20 Tuesday Tiger/ south
2020/10/21 Wednesday Rabbit/ east
2020/10/27 Tuesday Rooster/ west
2020/10/30 Friday Rat/ north
2020/11/03 Tuesday Dragon/ north
2020/11/09 Monday Dog/ south
2020/11/11 Wednesday Rat/ north
2020/11/15 Sunday Dragon/ north
2020/11/17 Tuesday Horse/ south
2020/11/21 Saturday Dog/ south
2020/11/29 Sunday Horse/ south
2020/12/02 Wednesday Rooster/ west
2020/12/05 Saturday Rat/ north
2020/12/12 Saturday Ram/ east
2020/12/16 Wednesday Pig/east
2020/12/24 Thursday Ram/ east
2020/12/28 Monday Pig/east


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