Nine years ago, I had written about an inexpensive psychological therapy:

A few days ago, I saw this journal for sale in the World Market store:

This is a simple way to send your worries away.  You may even use your favorite plush animals instead of Worry Dolls by telling your worries to them.  The advantage of this method is that no one will spread your worries to the world.  Psychologists are pretty much doing the same thing– listening to your worries, feeding back the worries to you and then charging you US$100- 200 per hour.  Your old worries may be gone but you have a new worry of paying the bills.

While I was a graduate student at the University of Minnesota 40+ years ago, I had assisted a social psychology professor to conduct a cross-cultural research on dreams.  I ran into an interesting folklore practice of handling nightmares in a certain Chinese region.  I still remember the details without checking any files.

When people in this Chinese region had a bad dream, they would write this poem on a city wall:


“Last nite I have dreamed of inauspicious omen

I write this on the west wall

Gentlemen from all walks of life read this once

Will dissolve my misfortunes and disasters”

This method of self-counseling also keeps one’s identity and nightmare secret.  It can be easily modified to handle other psychological events by replacing “dreamed of inauspicious omen” with other events.

In internet age, you may not want to write this poem on city wall.  You can post it on bulletin board or even online anonymously.

Ken Lai
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Disclaimer:  This DIY self-therapy does NOT replace standard professional psychological counseling/ therapy.  Use at your own risk.  You are strongly advised to see a licensed professional if you think you have psychological problems.

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