YouTuber “Guitar Singapore Travels” has posted a video about a Hong Kong democracy protestor trying to save a tear-gassed street rat on Nov. 4, 2019.

Perhaps the rat had taken in too much tear gas?? Welcome to Hong Kong in November 2019, where protestors try to resuscitate street rats!!” The introduction posted by the YouTuber.

This video was reposted in the “Pet Section” of the forum. It has drawn some interesting comments listed below:

Young people are really kind


“Very sad….

Actually, besides rodents, tear gas also affects many homeless cats and dogs.

When will the environmental and animal protection groups come out to condemn (tear-gas proliferation)?”

其實除左老鼠 tg都影響好多流浪貓狗。。

“Demonstrator even saves a rat. Damn rogue police beats and shots people at sight”

“If you have personally participated any street demonstration here, you know the demonstrators are full of love and warmth; showing concern about you and protecting pedestrians.

Today one even rubbed the back of a rat :~(

Very touching.” 


“(This) brother is full of compassion

Hope he will be healthier after touching this rat.”

“Later this rat will show its gratitude by chewing the popo (police) to death”

 “Like the rat in Cinderella,  (this rat) will go to your home doing household work for you to repay your kindness.”


Hong Kong is under turmoil since June when the Hong Kong government had tried to push an unpopular extradition law that would legitimize China to extradite Hong Kong citizens to stand trial in Chinese courts. Hong Kong people have organized hundreds of demonstrations and protests against this law. These protests are countered with unprecedented violence and police brutality. In addition to around 5000 shots of rubber and bean bag bullets, over 5000 tear-gas bombs are shot in downtown, universities and residential areas. 4000 or more protestors, mostly young people, were arrested with a large number of them suffering serious injuries like head and bone fractures due to unchecked police brutality. Abnormal increases of “suicides” by drowning at sea and jumping from buildings have occurred in the last few months. Harmful chemicals like cyanide and dioxin emitted from tear-gas bombs are contaminating densely populated areas, hurting plants, wildlife and human beings.  

Around the same time this video was posted, cases of plague were reported in Beijing, China. 

The Year of Rat will arrive next February. Rat is the Grand Duke or king of 2020. 

May the universe bring peace to people and animals. 


Ken Lai