The following excerpt is taken from the chapter on “DM sits on a wealth-storage” in the “Visual Bazi: Wealth Secrets and Maximization” course: 

There is a saying in Bazi, “Anyone sitting on a wealth-storage is wealthy with no exception日坐财库  无人不富”. However, like many famous sayings in Bazi, the condition/s for this statement to be valid are not listed. The table below shows all the possible day-pillars that “sit on a wealth-storage“:

DM Wealth


Found In branch

(wealth storage)

DM sits on


JIA/ YI Earth XU Jia-xu
BING/ DING Metal CHOU Ding-chou
WU/ JI Water CHEN Wu-chen
GENG/ XIN Wood WEI Xin-wei
REN/ GUI Fire XU Ren-xu


Out of 60 possible day-pillars, there are only 5 possible “DM sits on wealth-storage” day-pillars. There are 1/12 of the world population sits of wealth-storage. Will they be all wealthy? Just China alone, each year there are 500k people born with wealth storage in their day-branch. Of course, not every one of them will be rich.

Sitting on wealth-storage” is just the “DNA” or the possibility for a person to get rich– pending on other conditions to be fulfilled. This is an indicator of DM’s pre-born or innate ability to create and accumulate wealth but not necessarily becoming rich.

Here are the conditions for DM “sitting on wealth-storage” to become wealthy:

(see course manual for details) 

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