When will I change job,  get a promotion, get a raise” and the likes are popraiseular questions during a Bazi reading.  People have never asked me when they get a demotion or salary cut.

Today is your lucky day, below are the secrets of career and income changes.

You may have career and income changes when:

1. Annual luck or 10-years-luck period clash or combine with the power star (Zheng-guan/ qi-sha) in your Bazi chart:  +Power star stands for your current stable job and -power for unsteady job.  If power star is favorable to your chart, it implies the change is in the negative direction like demotion, salary decrease or harsh working environment.  If power star is unfavorable, it implies the change is in the positive direction like promotion, salary increase or improvements in working environment.

2. Annual luck or 10-years-luck period clash or combine the resource star (Zheng-yin/ pian-yin) in your Bazi chart:   Resource star stands documents, rights, order, official seal (authority) and the like.  In short, it stands for authority based on a position.   When resource star is clashed or combined, it means changes in your job or career.  If resource star is favorable to your chart, it implies demotion, salary decrease or work pressure due to job changes.  If resource star is unfavorable, it means promotion, salary increases or better work conditions due to  the changes.

3. Traveling horse star is clashed or combined by luck period/s or luck period/s bring in traveling horse star:  This implies your living environment is changed.  Traveling horse star represents mobility and usually associated with relocation.  Traveling horse stars are: yin, shen, si and hai.  If traveling star is favorable to your chart, you are likely to leave hometown for wealth and make it big (hence dislikes clashing or combination).  If unfavorable, you work hard and hectically for money.

Ken Lai
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