Miejsce_OdrzanskieIn the last few days there are reports on the news and TV about a Polish Village, Miejsce Odrzanskie, has no baby boy born for near 10 years.  People offer many tips on how to conceive baby boys– from a more calcium diet to putting an axe under the bed.


There are many methods to create babies in Chinese Feng Shui.  Here I offer two simple methods to increase the chance of making a baby boy.


In Chinese Feng Shui, west, south, southeast and southwest are directions with strong female energy.  Hence, if the couple making love in west, south, SE and SW sector of their house/ bedroom will increase the chance of making a baby GIRL, especially in west sector.

Miejsce Odrzanskie is in the south (tilted east) side of Poland.  It already has stronger female energy to begin with.

East, north, northeast and northwest are male sectors.   If the couple making love in these sectors of their house/ bedroom will increase the chance of making a baby BOY, especially in the east sector.  It also helps more if your head pointing at these male direction while you are making “it“.


This method is based on Purple White Star Feng Shui using male star directions.  These male stars are 1, 6 and 8, which move to different locations every year.   1-star is more powerful.  Simply make your baby in the male star directions listed in the table shown here.

When any one of these male stars moves to your main door or bedroom, you have better chance of conceiving a baby boy.

Feng Shui situations that reduce the chance of making a baby boy are:

  1. Toilet in east or northeast side of the house
  2. Female directions (in method# 1) has/ have taller structures/ furniture than male directions.
  3. House facing female directions
  4. Missing corners in male directions, especially in northeast.

Name your baby “Ken” if you get a boy using the method here.

Ken Lai
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