Below are the Bazi characteristics of people who are likely to perish in wars or man-made disasters like terrorist attack or mass-shooting.


1. Peer stars (jie-cai/ bi-jian) are unfavorable (“annoying god“) because war involves many people of similar age groups.

2. Chart with serious clash, penalties and breakage:  these are signs of life-threatening events by itself.

3. This person stay in unfavorable location (in terms of his/her unfavorable element):  for example, person with chen (SE) in chart goes to xu (NW) battlefield.

4. Charts with 2-elements battling like wood fights earth, water battles fire and the like.  These chart owners are prone to sudden or violent death.

5. Charts that are extremely strong or extremely weak are prone to sudden death.

Above characteristics are also applicable to victims of airline disasters, stampede, riots and the like.

Ken Lai
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