The first step of a Bazi reading is to determine if the client has a “strong” or “weak” daymaster (DM) by counting the supporting and non-supporting elements in the birth chart.  “Daymaster” is a term for describing the owner of a Bazi chart.

Unfortunately, the terms “strong DM” and “weak DM” seem to infuse value judgment to some clients.  They may think a “strong daymaster” is better than a “weak” one.

While there are some distinct personality and physical characteristics associated with strong and weak DM, they are by no means “better” or “worse” but “different“.

The ultimate yardstick to measure, regardless of DM strength (“weak” or “strong“), is if there are more favorable than unfavorable luck periods (10-years-luck) in a chart.  For example, the favorable elements of a strong metal person are non-supporting elements like fire, wood and water.  Unfavorable elements are supporting elements like metal and earth.

If this strong metal DM has mostly metal and earth luck periods, especially during his first few 10-year-luck periods, this DM will not have a good life.

On the other hand, if this is a weak metal DM, metal and earth are his favorable elements.  If his luck periods are mostly metal and earth luck, he will enjoy a good life despite being a weak DM.

Similar logic also apply to “chart quality“.  One can have the chart of a king but with mostly unfavorable luck periods– his life will not be better than a born humble person with favorable luck periods.  For examples, King Louis XVI was guillotined during the French Revolution and Tsar Nicholas II was assassinated in 1918.

Good luck periods are more important than a good birth chart” is the saying in Bazi.

PS:  To find out if you have a strong or weak DM, read the following:

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