Door location and its surrounding critically affect the Feng Shui of a house, especially its wealth aspect.  Below is a list of “wealth-losing doors” based on Form Feng Shui.  How these doors affecting wealth losses is not discussed here to keep this blog short. door1


  1. Door facing a corridor (inside a building) or road:  this is also called “heart-piercing sha” (一剑穿心 ).
  2. Door facing a downward or upward stair:  this is called “wealth retreating stair” (退财梯).  Downward stair leaks wealth whereas upward stair loses wealth opportunities to others.
  3. Door facing an elevator:  this is called “qi or energy absorbing stair” (吸气梯).  Qi or wealth energy of a house or apartment is “drawn” away by the elevator.
  4. Two or more doors in a straight-line to end of house or backdoor/ window:  Wealth energy from outside goes straight to outside of house.
  5. Door is too narrow or small, thus limiting wealth energy flow into the house.
  6. Door is damaged, broken or has cracks:  this is called “qi-leaking door” (漏气门) and implying leaking wealth.
  7. See-three door” (三见门):  “Three” here means seeing toilet, kitchen and mirror when entering through the door.  All are not good for wealth energy.

Remedies for these doors are mostly using screen doors.  Consult a Feng Shui practitioner or take my Form Feng Shui course for remedies.

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