The Feng Shui arrangements below may give rise to husband affairs:affair2

1. Putting flowers in NW sector of house: NW is Qian palace in Feng Shui and stands for husband.  Flowers can represent females.

2. Dry and empty flower vase:  This item may attract husband affair especially when it is put in NW (Qian) or east (Zhen) sector of the house.

3. Wealth positions exposed to light: Wealth also represents woman.  When the wealth position of a house is exposed to light, it means the position is near a window, door or hallway.  The husband likes to show off his wealth and attracts other females.  

4. Fish-tank put in ESE (Mao mountain):  Mao is one of the 4 peach-blossom elements and also part of Zhen palace (East) sector.  Zhen represents male sex organ and water for lust.  Your hubby can have “fun” when all these items are in the right places.

5. Water tap faces door:  Water tap is the imagery of a male sex organ and door for female.  House with water tap facing door or water tap outside the house is prone to affairs or husband does not returns home at night.

6. Bed sits on west sector or Dui palace:  In terms of marriage, Dui stands for mistress, concubine or lover.  If a couple’s bed is located on Dui palace, husband may think about extra-marital activities.

7. Lust or sexual object in left side of bed:  Left side represents green dragon or husband and right side white tiger or wife in Feng Shui.  If left side of bed has art objects or pictures that are sexual in nature, the sexual energy may steer husband to affairs.

8. Bedroom has “room within a room”:  This is the image of a concubine or second wife.  This room within a room can be a study or any room.

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