Water fountain can be hazardous to your health, life, pocket book, relationship and more. Why?  Keep reading.Ftn_bowls

One major attraction of Feng Shui is “wang cai” or wealth enhancement.  The common practice is to put moving object like a water fountain in the annual wealth star 8-white earth location to enhance wealth luck.  For 2018, this location was in a house’s southeast sector, the center for 2019 and northwest for 2020.

In other words, the wealth star moves or changes location every year, so you have to move the fountain to get the wealth energy.   The original location will be replaced by other stars which could be potentially negative like the 5-yellow disaster or 2-black earth sickness star.

Imagine someone with a “5-minute enthusiasm” in Feng Shui and forgets about moving the fountain and/ or Feng Shui– sooner or later, usually within 2- 3 years, a negative star will sit in the water fountain location.  Constant water movement may activate the negativity of that current star.  For example, 5-yellow disaster star may bring bad wealth luck if one is “lucky” or major illness, accident or even death if  unlucky.

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For example, if someone had put a water fountain in his southeast sector to enhance wealth in 2018 and then forgot about the fountain, from the annual star tables above, you can see the 7-robbery star occupies that location in 2019, the most inauspicious 5-yellow disaster star will sit in that location in 2021 and 2-black sickness star in 2024.   The water fountain movement may activate the viciousness of these negative stars.  The table below is taken from my “Practical Door Feng Shui” for explaining the nature of 9 major stars in Feng Shui:

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Remove your water fountain if you are no longer keen on Feng Shui or move it to the new 8-white earth star location once a year..  Leaving an unattended water fountain in a location is like “putting worms in your ass” (a Cantonese slang for self-inflicted injury. It is graphic, but I think you will likely remember it).

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