When will you get both wealth and love at the same time?” is one of the chapters in my upcoming “Wealth Bazi” course (NOT a get-rich-quick course).  In that chapter, I have used the Bazi features of people who will likely get both love and wealth in 2019 ji-hai year as illustration.  I have extracted some of the contents below for this blog.love_money

Many people fantasies getting both love and wealth through romance or marriage.  But the harsh reality is that not everyone is equipped to get wealthy and love through romance EVEN for those with pretty or handsome faces.  We have to look into the romance or peach blossom elements in their Bazi charts first.  In other words, it is already written in one’s destiny.

This chapter answers the question of when one is likely to get both love and wealth. Below are the specific timing and conditions (we use 2019 ji-hai year as example, you may figure out the rest by substituting different daymaster (DM) and annual lucks).

For Bazi terminology convention used here, check:



1. Male who is a strong jia/ yi-wood or wu/ ji-earth DM and also in strong wealth (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) luck region, will likely get both love and wealth.

2. Female who is a strong ren/ gui-water or bing/ ding-fire DM and also in strong power (zheng-guan/ qi-sha) luck region, will likely getting both love and wealth.

3. Jia-wood male DM combines with ji-earth in 2019 (ji-hai).  Ding-fire female DM combines with ren-water +power star (hidden in hai).  Ji-earth female DM combines with jia-wood +power star (hidden in hai).  These combinations with annual wealth and power luck reflect potentials for getting both wealth and love for the DM.

4. For 2019 ji-hai year, ji-hai is the strong output annual luck for bing, ding, geng and xin DMs.  These DMs are likely to have “getting both love and wealth” events if they have strong output stars in their natal chart already.

5. For 2019 ji-hai year, charts with mao, wei, yin, zi, chou and wu in the branches, are likely to have “wealth and love” events due to combination/s with annual luck branch  (Note: hai-mao-wei wood 3-unities, yin-hai combination, hai-zi-chou water 3-meetings, hai-wu hidden combination).

(Original chapter has more detailed explanations)


While one’s chart may look getting “both love and wealth“, one still needs to check if power star (as in female DM) or wealth star (for male) is favorable to him or her.  If favorable, everything will be great and happy.  If not, it could mean losing wealth for male DM and being implicated/ hurt emotionally/ physically by males for female DM.

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