career2In modern age, few people stay in one job or company for life.  Most of us would change careers, jump to another company, getting promoted/ fired/ relocation or start our own business.  One may want to predict when such change is likely to happen– consult your own Bazi chart and luck period.

Below are what to check for career changes in one’s Bazi chart:

Year that -power star (qi-sha) shows up:  +power (zheng-guan) stands for stable job.  -power stands for innovation, new career, new plan or new business.  Hence annual luck that brings -power usually signifies changes in one’s career.

Year that +power star (zheng-guan) combines with daymaster:  Examples are: yi-DM with geng power star; ding-DM with ren, ji-DM with jia.  When a luck period brings a +power star,  it usually has something to do with career, especially if power star is favorable to the chart.  When power star combines with DM, it is likely related to promotion or new opportunities.

Year when power stars (zheng-guan/ qi-sha) is clashed or combined:  Power stars represent work, position, duties and etc. Interactions with power star usually signifies changes in one’s career.  If luck period has interaction with the power stars in natal chart, it will also brings changes in one’s career.  If the interaction is from 10-year luck period, it means these changes could last for 10 years (or means frequent changes).

Year when resource star (zheng-yin/ pian-yin) is clashed or combined:  Resource stars represent contracts, documents, regulation, power, order and etc.  It also represents living and working environment.  Hence when annual luck clashes or combines with resource star, will likely prompt changes in career, including relocation of residence.  If annual luck creates “power and resource mutual nurturing 官印相生”, DM is likely to have promotion. If the interaction is from 10-year luck period, it means these changes could last for 10 years (or means frequent changes).

careerYear with strong +output (shang-guan):  Strong +output will make DM think of changes and likely feel dissatisfied with current career or  cause disharmony in interpersonal relationship.  This could result in changing career due to DM’s state of mind or simply pissing off the boss (and get fired).

Year with “traveling horse star”:   “Traveling horse star” refers to the propensity to travel or moving (check below for details).  When annual luck brings a traveling horse star, DM is likely have changes in career.  If the star is from 10-year luck period, it means DM is prone to career changes or relocation in this 10 years.  Below is how to calculate your traveling horse star:

  • year or day branch is yin, wu or xu, your traveling horse is shen
  • year or day branch is si, you or chou, your traveling horse is hai
  • year or day branch is hai, mao or wei, your traveling horse is si
  • year or day branch is shen, zi or chen, your traveling horse is yin  

Click the following link if you want to understand the Bazi/4P terminology used here as compared to yours:

 Note for females:  Power stars mean husband or lover for female. So when power star is clashed, combined or showing up in your chart,  besides career changes, it could also mean something happens in your relationship department– marriage, divorce, separation, lover, mistress and etc. 

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