poorPeople with “poor” profile Bazi charts usually work hard for money and live in challenging conditions.  If they run into accidental or unexpected wealth, they have problem keeping the wealth or even endangering their lives.  There are cases of poor people winning lottery and ended up poorer or even death.

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Below are Bazi characteristics of people who are poor (check the diagram at end of article for to figure out explanations) :

  1. Chart with few output stars (shi-shen/ shang-guan) and no wealth stars (zheng-cai/ pian-cai)
  2. Chart with few wealth stars (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) but too many +power stars (zheng-guan)
  3. Weak DM with with many +output stars (shang-guan) and shortage of resource stars (zheng-yin/ pian-yin) for DM support and control of output stars
  4. Weak DM with numerous wealth stars (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) with no peer stars (jie-cai/ bi-jian) to handle wealth
  5. Chart with few wealth stars (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) and no output stars (shi-shen/ shang-guan) to create wealth, but too many peer stars (jie-cai/ bi-jian) to snatch wealth
  6. Chart with too many wealth stars (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) and power stars (zheng-guan/ qi-sha)

If a chart with any one of the above conditions, DM is likely to have problems getting rich during his lifetime.

“Ken, my chart meets one of the conditions listed above.  What should I do?”

A chart usually has both good and bad luck periods.  You either seek the help of a Bazi reader or take my Bazi courses (especially “Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 2” and “Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 3 ” to determine your good luck period, earn as much as you could and save for rainy days.  With DLM2/ 3 courses, they help you to create opportunities instead of waiting for mercy.

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