Below are the Bazi characteristics of alcohol drinkers:wine

1. Chart with severe shortage of water element OR with strong water and water is also the favorable element (“useful god”).

2. Chart with you- and/or xin-metal.  The Chinese character you (酉 ) is half the character of wine (酒).  The “酉” character by itself also looks like a wine pot.

3. Chart with you- and hai or zi-water.  The Chinese character you (酉 ) is half the character of of wine (酒) without the water prefix.  Hai and zi-water adds the water prefix to the word “酉” and become Chinese wine (酒) character.  People with you and hai/ zi in their chart are likely alcohol drinkers.


Chinese wine vase.  It looks like the Chinese (酉)

4. Chart with strong pian-cai (-wealth) and output stars (shi-shen/ shang-guan) :  Pian-cai stands for lust and output stars eating and drinking.

5. Chart with numerous water, metal, pian-cai and peach-blossom elements (zi, wu, mao, you) is likely to drink in places with many women like nightclubs and dancing halls. People with strong water and metal in their charts are usually sexually active.

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