In Bazi or 4-pillars, favorable elements (“useful gods“) are the elements that keep a chart in balance for standard charts and “special” for non-standard charts.  When the owner (daymaster or DM) of the chart runs into luck periods with these favorable elements, his luck will be good or at the least, nothing bad happen to him.

However, it is not unusual that someone runs into major disasters, illness or even death during his favorable element luck period/s.  Why?

This has to do with the concepts static vs. dynamic favorable elements.


Static Model

This is the most popular approach used in most basic Bazi books/ courses and Bazi software because it is easy to learn and program.  It is based on the data from a moment in time (the birthday/ hour) and calculates which elements are needed to balance the chart.  These elements are called favorable elements and supporting elements (“happy god“).  Then these favorable elements are used as benchmarks to determine if the future luck periods are good or bad for the DM.  This is simple and logical.  Isn’t it?  But it fails to take into consideration of the cumulative effects of luck period elements on chart balance.  This is a main reason that this model does not always make the right predictions.

Another reason is that if there is/ are interactions between natal chart and luck period.  For example, if fire is favorable according to this static model and you see a bing-fire luck period coming, you may predict good luck comes for this DM.  But if there is a xin-metal in the natal chart or another luck period,  this fire may be converted into water which is likely unfavorable.

Dynamic Model

If we use taking a photo analogy at a certain time (like time of birth) for static model, dynamic model would be taking multiple photos at different points of time  (luck periods) and drawing different conclusions on which elements are favorable or unfavorable for each photo or point of time..

This approach takes care of changing dynamics between 5-elements in a chart.  For example, if water is “favorable” at birth, when a 10-years-luck and annual luck are all water elements, water may become excessive and unfavorable!  This is one of the reasons why one may die during his favorable luck period defined by static model.

The more of a “good thing” may not be merrier in 5-elements theory.  It is like salt is good for your body, but too much salt will give you high blood pressure.  The “right amount” of a good thing needed to keep the Bazi chart in balance is the key.

There are different levels of “dynamic model”—  taking photos or calculations of birth chart with

  1. 10-years-luck only
  2. 10-years-luck and annual luck only
  3. 10-years-luck, annual luck and current month
  4. 10-years-luck, annual luck, current month and current day
  5. 10-years-luck, annual luck, current month, current day and current hour

But most people would do to 10YL and annual luck level only unless DM is in serious trouble or illness.  It will be too much calculations even for Bazi software.

Ken Lai

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