This article discusses common Feng Shui conditions that affect the well-being and luck of the female head of the household or business.

In Feng Shui theory, Qian or northwest sector represents the heaven, father or husband of a household.  Kun or southwest sector represents the earth, mother or wife.  Hence the SW environment and item placement  reflect the luck and position of the oldest female of the house.

The items below affects the well-being of the female in a property:

1.  SW sector should not have a missing corner or the eldest female will have no status, being physically weak/ chronically sick, not staying home, low luck, or even die prematurely.

2.  There should be no toilet in SW sector or the female will suffer illness/ low luck or the man will have problem getting a wife

3.   Do not hammer nails or hooks in SW walls.  This may affect the health of the female.

4.  Keep SW sector clean for health of the female

5.  Do not put heavy objects in SW sector.  This may curtail her luck

6.  Put auspicious items or decorations in SW sector to generate good qi / energy for the female.

7.  Kitchen Feng Shui affects female of the house directly.  Check below:

  • stove should not face toilet 
  • stove should not face a door
  • stove should not be above a beam
  • stove should not face a sharp corner
  • stove should not face a water tap 

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