My student asks me this question that probably most of the Feng Shui students want to know but are afraid to ask:

What are your thoughts when it comes to having several Feng Shui techniques/ schools of thought in a practitioner’s toolkit when selecting or auditing a house? Is it more advisable to use one technique/ lineage/ school over others, or use a combination — for example,  some masters screen using 8 mansions first, then combine with flying stars etc. Does combining or using a single li-qi (formula) technique make any difference.”

Here is my translation of this long question in one sentence:  Which one is better–  Frankenstein vs. pure bred Feng Shui approach?


The classic western movie “Frankenstein” is about a mad scientist who had created a monster out of body parts from different corpses.

Frankenstein Feng Shui is the application of 2 or more Feng Shui schools techniques in a Feng Shui audit.  The most common one is mixing of Flying Stars and Bazhai (8-mansions) Feng Shui in an audit.

On the positive side, if the practitioner knows the specialty or strong points of each Feng Shui school, s/he may apply, for example:  Bazhai in kitchen, San He for bed arrangement, XKDG for door, Flying Star for wealth enhancement,… and the like.

On the negative side, some practitioners do not really understand the Feng Shui schools and haphazardly apply different Feng Shui schools techniques in their audits.  For example, I have seen quite a few “tilt it again Sam” doors in Malaysia and Singapore.  Some “masters” set up two doors at different angles in a house or business.  The first door is tilted for the auspicious Bazhai angle and the second door for Flying Star.  It is as if the qi entering the premise is “smart” and can distinguish the first door is for Bazhai, second door for Flying Star Feng Shui and “behave” accordingly.


Pure bred” here means loosely as “one school only”.  In reality, there is really no pure bred Feng Shui because most Feng Shui schools “borrow” something from others.  For example, the popular Flying Star has more than 10+ variations, so is Bazhai.

Is pure bred better than Frankenstein Feng Shui?  The answer is both “yes” and “no”.

Every Feng Shui system has its own peculiar properties that works well with certain land forms, like some methods work better with mountain regions while others with flat-land or river regions.  Hence when there is a match between land form and a pure bred Feng Shui School, the results will be great.  If not, the opposite happens.


In this brand of Feng Shui, the practitioner employs one Feng Shui school only, but takes references to other schools’ judgment on each Feng Shui sector.  For example, if Flying Star thinks this door location is great but Bazhai says it sucks and IF this practitioner only considers two school (one + and one minus), this location still “usable” or “OK”.  If both schools agree that this location is bad, then remedy is sought or not using this location.  If both schools think this location is great, then this location must be very good.

“Ken, what is your position on this topic?”

Before I put on a Frankenstein or pure bred hat (I should market a “Make Feng Shui Great Again” hat),  I check the Bazi or 4-pillars chart of the client first.  If s/he is in good luck period, I will tell him just pick whatever house s/he wants and fire the Feng Shui guy (me).

If client is in average or low luck period,  I would use Form Feng Shui first.  Formula Feng Shui will not work if the forms are not there!  If the forms look good with the 4-animals and right forms, the Feng Shui of that property should not be bad.

I would cherry-pick the best feature of different Feng Shui schools.  “Fran-ken-stein” has my name inside.

“Ken, you sound like pushing your Feng Shui courses by advocating Frankenstein Feng Shui.”

You are so smart.  If you can only afford one Feng Shui course, take the “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” listed below.  Feng Shui teachers can cheat you with formula Feng Shui because you cannot see li-qi or formula.  Form Feng Shui is what you see is what you get– everyone can see forms like mountains and rivers.

Ken Lai

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