mean_pppl3Previous post has discussed about Feng Shui features that attract “mean people“– people who displace you, push you around, backstabbing, blocking your advancement or simply make your life unbearable.

Besides blaming it on Feng Shui, your own Bazi chart can also be the reason for attracting “mean people“.  Below are the Bazi characteristics of people who draw mean people.

Weak daymaster (DM) with strong power stars (zheng-guan/ qi-sha)

Strong power stars are unfavorable to a weak DM.  Weak DM is unable to control strong power stars.  In turn, these power stars will attack DM.  These power stars become “mean people” to him/ her.  On the other hand, if  DM is strong and able to control power stars (this depends on the DM strength and power star strength differential), this DM becomes a “mean person” to other people!

Strong DM with unfavorable peer stars (bi-jian/ jie-cai)

When a DM is strong, peer stars become unfavorable because they will make DM even stronger like an over-inflated balloon.  In this scenario, the negative aspects of peer stars will show up– provocative, deceptive, manipulative, treacherous, instigative and the like.  Peer stars stand for friends, siblings, co-workers, and peer groups.  Hence this DM will suffer from these people representing peer stars or “mean people“.

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