gayIn Bazi, we check the following to see if someone has homosexual or gay tendency:

1.  Peer stars (bi-jian/ jie-cai) are strong and favorable in natal chart- Peer stars stand for siblings, colleagues, and peer groups.  When peer stars are favorable in a chart, it means DM likes people with the same gender or s/he is like by the same sex.  DM may show homosexual or bisexual tendency.

2.  Day-branch is a peer star (bi-jian or jie-cai) with strong and favorable peer stars– Day-branch is the spouse palace of a Bazi chart.  If it is occupied by a same gender peer star and also favorable, it implies DM has a stronger liking in same sex partner or bisexual.  Here are day-branches with peer star:  Jia-yin, Yi-mao, Bing-wu, Ding-si, Wu-chen, Wu-xu, Ji-wei, Ji-chou, Geng-shen, Xin-you, Ren-zi, and Gui-hai.

3.  Absence of wealth star (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) for male and power star (zheng-guan/ qi-sha) for female–  Wealth star is the wife for a male DM and power star is husband for a female DM.  When this spouse star is absent in a chart, it means lover does not show up in DM’s life  or no karma for a heterosexual relationship or problem getting an opposite sex spouse.  This may create a homosexual or bisexual tendency.

4.  Charts with strong combinations with spouse star absent or unfavorable— DM of these charts has strong urge to congregate (due to combinations) or sex drive but dislike opposite sex.

I have some gay friends and students.  They are just like ordinary people except with different sexual preference.  For me, it is actually easier to figure out if one is gay or not by looking at the energy emitted by his/ her eyes.

Ken Lai

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